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Start date: Dec 1, 2011,

The project is a long term, individual EVS project, involving one Dutch volunteer working for twelve months at the Mozambican NGO Cá-Paz. Cá-Paz is combating the violence of poverty, hunger, illness, low education levels, gender inequality and devastated family structures in the community of the city of Matola. The objectives of the project are to sensibilize the volunteer to cultural and social differences in the world, to familiarize him with social work, to encourage the participants to be responsible for their own well-being, to give tools to the volunteer and the beneficiaries of the voluntary work to build safe environments in their communities, and to empower young girls in the field of gender equality. The methods used are voluntary work, non-formal education, learning by experience, responsibilization of the volunteer and the target group, and cultural exchange. The actions implemented are the volunteer aiding the work of Cá-Paz specifically in the field of the promotion of sexual and reproductive health for young girls. The volunteer will assist in designing and implementing a programme for the empowerment of young women (age 12 till 30) which results in them gaining control over their body and their sexual and reproductive health and learning to make autonomous decisions regarding sexuality and family planning. On the community level the impact of the project is greater gender equality in Matola and better health conditions, while at the same time the EVS strengthens the volunteer in his social and professional skills, and makes him capable to implement his newly acquired knowledge after his return in Europe.
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