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"Can you?"
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Can you?" - Erasmus+ program Youth Exchange project, which will be in Lithuania, Visaginas, Utena region, 2015 August 1-9 days. 20 young people (10 from Greece, 10 from Lithuania) and two leaders from each country together will spend 9 days in nature, informally learn to survive in nature, try to "Outdoor" methods - in the forest orienteering skills, first aid skills award, night hike, kayak trips, joint activities to strengthen its competence assistance to each other, support, empathy for another person, intercultural cooperation, partnership. Together with useful skills that will help everyone survive in extreme situations, young people will gain competences: responsibility in decision-making, and its operation will learn other people's possibilities and limits to better understand themselves and find their place in the group perceive the group's development mechanisms Spree conflicts, learn to listen and hear the other person's opinion. The project is addressed to young people aged 18-29. Project topic - how to survive in this world and be successful? Participants will discuss today's youth challenges and opportunities that will gain experience in how to survive unusual situations, activities. Person staying in the forest, nature, can come in many important ideas, better understanding of themselves, their great, their strengths, weaknesses. On the way out of urban life are good for the mind, from ourselves, and the unification of a link with nature. Participants will learn more about yourself, learn to overcome the difficulties, fears, can even change the values. Young people will learn to feel other people, to help them work together, develop own competencies, increasing the level of learning / employment opportunities. Non-formal education methods (discussions, debates, conceptual interpretation, mutual listening, openness, consensus search, teamwork, coexistence, outdoor methods) will be participants in the educational impact: young people will learn to actively listen and hear, will be able to express their opinion, public speaking, desires manage to agree on the rules of conduct will be able to negotiate and find a general solution. Learn to think, analyze, draw conclusions, and learn to understand themselves, to understand their social role, break stereotypes hinder the representatives of different cultures interact, discuss the problems of young people and a great, provide your vision for the future. After the project, young people will have acquired the following competences: communication in the mother tongue, communication in a foreign language, cultural expression competence, learning to learn competence. Also, participants will acquire the organizational, social, personal competencies, improve your creativity and delivery skills. Intercultural communication teach encounter ignorance and surprise, to empathize with the other person's problems to other cultural horizons, build communication and cooperation, a strong relationship. Sport and outdoor methods to develop young people's healthy lifestyle and respect for nature. Participants will learn social skills, public relations skills. Project "CU - Can you? " is an international youth exchange - non-formal education of young people using the outdoor method - learning through experience. Exchanges must be implemented in 2015. August 1-9 days Lithuania. Also in 2015. May 8-10, preliminary pre-planned visit (4 participants). Youth exchange for the 24 participants from Greece and Lithuania, followed by 12 people from each country - 10 young people 18-29 years old and 2 leaders). The project will take place in English. Working methods will include: presentations, group activities (group assignments), small group work, outdoor experiential education, discussions, reflection, various simulations. The methods are based on methodological principles of non-formal education and experiential learning methodology.
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