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Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Oct 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Key action 1 – mobility of youth workers (seminar) will bring together 37 youth workers and policy makers form 1st September to 11th September 2016 to Lääne-Virumaa, Estonia. Participating countries are Estonia, UK, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Germany, Portugal and Turkey. Estonia is the host country, others are sending countries. Need for our project is very clear -first of all, our societies are still quite xenophobic and are afraid of unknown. They are afraid of different cultures and do believe that people from other cultures want to dominate or destroy them. This fear is caused by stereotypes and prejudices and is empowered by media, who shows often only the negatives, and misses the positives. Because this new stereotypes are created every day and people in our society are getting more afraid. There is also a second issue, that people (including also people in power positions like decision makers and people in education system – youth workers, teachers) are not aware about the differences between refugees and for example economic migrants. For many, all foreigners/immigrants are the same, but in reality each person has his/her own story to tell. We want to change the situation, raise awareness in society and work together with different countries to improve the situation. So ourOverall aim is:• To create acceptance of refugees in European societyAnd the specific objectives are:• To educate youth workers and policy makers on migration issues• To develop activities to bring locals and people with immigrant background (including refugees) together• To educate youth workers so they are able to create activities for young people to raise empathy towards refugees.• To find ways to stop hate speech and discrimination towards refugees by sharing good practices between participating countries.• To create new initiatives to tackle issues connected to xenophobia, racism and islamophobia in Europe.Primary target group: youth workers, teachers, NGO representatives and policy makersFinal beneficiaries: refugees and local community (young people) All methods used during the seminar will be non-formal, such as group work, role-plays, learning buddies, activities in town, study visit, meetings with experts and practical sessions at school. As the result of the seminar participants develop action plan for their local community and carry it out in their countries. Our outcomes: as the result of the project• We will educate 37 youth workers and policy makers on migration issues• Participants will organize as follow-ups at least 10 events involving directly at least 300 people to bring together refugees and locals or raise acceptance of refugees in society• Participating organizations raise capacity to work on topics related to refugees and will be able to organize activities with young people to increase empathy towards refugees• Participants will gain good practices and new methods to tackle discrimination and hate speech• Participants and participating organizations will have established partnerships and effective cooperation to work on refugee related issues on international, national and local level
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