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Camino a Europa con las Nuevas Tecnologías
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CEIP Fontes has 47 teachers and 700 students divided into 9 Pre-school classrooms and 19 in Primary Education. Our school attends students of Torre Pacheco and its outskirts. 25% of students are immigrants and 10% have Special Educational Needs. Taking part in different European projects we intend to improve the quality of education. Besides, we consider the goal of increasing the European dimension of our school. SWOT analysis detected tha it needed to optimize our techbologies resources and to improve the quality of the use of them by students. Also, it needed to modify the methodology in order to attend to the diversity of students and promote the european activities. Therefore we consider that doing these activities or mobilities are really interesting due to the fact these activities will allow us to improve our language skills, to increase the knowlegde about ITCs, to know and practice different educational methodologies and to hold fluent relations with European enviorements. Applications received have been considered by the selection committee, which was coordinated by the headmaster. Participants will commit to take part in an active way in the eTwinning platform, and to train in digital and technological skills, before the mobility takes place. Both National and European certificates will be taken into account in the selection process. According to the evaluation process the European documents will be generated. This Project includes five different mobility activities. 1- Italian language training : It has a dual purpose: learning of Italian language and maximize the future Jos shadowing by fostering and promoting the active participation of teachers in the Italian school. It’s set in the 2016 Easter vacation period. 2- Job shadowing activity, with our Italian partner. It is designed for primary education teachers. The purpose of the activity is integrated into the classroom a new methodology that allows to direct contact with other school centers in Europe, through projects such as eTwining or KA2 (Erasmus+). The mobility will take place along the school year with an incidence 6 school days, as in the Italian schools, classes are held from Monday to Saturday. 3-English language training: it’s focus on at non English teachers to improve their language proficiency. It aims to improve and increase the school participation in European projects. It’s set in the 2016 Easter and summer vacation period. The organization of training courses will be conducted by a committee and it will take a minimum of 50 class hours in two weeks. 4- Training in ITCs. It's focus on teachers who have a wide knowlegde about this area and who are interested in optimize and innovate in our school. 5- Structured Study Visist to schools & Training seminar in Finland. It will provide opportunities for teachers to have a choice of visiting primary schools to promote high quality in teaching and learning; meeting and interacting with other european teachers; observing innovative and collaborative learning, network, form eTwinning groups and discuss possible Key Action 2 projects. These activities will culminate in the sharing and spreading of different learning and experiences by a summary document which will be submitted to the CPR and the Spanish Agency for European Projects. This document will also be discussed interactively with teachers of our school. In the final analysis the Headmaster shall be responsible for checking that planned activities have been performed. A monitoring committee will be created. It will be responsible for picking up information on progress, check the realization of warming activities as well as those generated after mobilities. After a period of training and observation it is intended that the participants: - have acquired knowledge and methodological resources to enhance the quality of teaching and optimize the technological and digital resources of the school. - have developed English and Italian speaking and writing skills. - have improved the knowledge and skills to use the eTwining platform and developing European projects. About the impact, point out that with training and observation periods requested, we promote the use of ITCs in the school and methodologies which are be able to cover the variety of our students. In addition, we want to increase the participation in European projects, up to get at least 33% of teachers participate actively in eTwining the end of the course2014/2015. Our students will benefit from contact with European settings. It will provide an added motivation to learn new concepts and languages, making their significant learning. We want that our education will be characterized by the binding of the objectives of working with other schools in Europe.

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