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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

IES María Cegarra Salcedo is one of the two Secondary schools in La Unión. It has 46 teachers and 450 students, and a high percentage of inmigrant students, from different countries. Our school needs to offer our students an education that helps them to improve their future prospects, beacuse it is situated in an touristic area, but this area has a high unemployment rate. These are the main reasons that motivate us to apply for this project: - Regarding our students: improve their English language competence, bring them closer to the English language as a way of communication, improve their future prospects of employment, open their minds to new cultures, ways of life, and help them to develop their conscience of being euroepan citizens. - Regarding our school: The continuity of the Bilingual Program( instituted in our school during the school year 2013-2014)is necessary for our school, for that reason we need to reinforce and expand it. In order to get that aim we need some of our teachers to improve their English language competency and develop new digital competentes. We hope, on the other hand, this program to be useful to improve the image of the school in the town. - Regarding our teachers training: improving our teachers’ English language competency , and encouraging them to participate in European projects as Erasmus +, an reinforce their training in the use of digital technologies and the elaboration of new materials. We have recently instituted (bound to the Bilingual program) the Enseñanza XXI program in Compulsory Secondary Education, whose main aim is to make our students closer to digital technology, and to make them consider technology as a working and training tool. Moreover, this school year we have also instituted the Project Bachillerato Digital. This implies the need that teachers improve their knowledge in the use of digital and audiovisual media. The activities that we have programmed in order to achieve that aims are the following: - Taking a course on video “Using video for Teaching and Training- Intensive course”. Attending this course one of our teachers will improve his skills in the production of educational videos. To achieve that aim, we have contacted a Belgian academy that offers courses focused on the edition of educational videos and its use in the classroom. - Taking different courses "Teaching Through 21st Century Methodology", " Innovative Approaches to teaching", " Ict in education", "Using E-Learning in the classroom"," Engllish and Methodology: A 21st Century Approach for English Teachers" on different aspects of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) applied to teaching and one to the teaching of English as a Foreign Language. We have contacted academies in London and Leeds where these courses will take place. The teachers who will participate in this project are 5 teachers working in our school as English teachers or currently attending English lessons. They have actively collaborated in previous Comenius projects and Exchanges with other European schools, and they need to achieve some lingüistic and digital skills in order to teach in the bilingual and digital programs that our school have recently instituted. These teachers will share the acquiered knowledge with other teachers in the school by means of seminars organized in the different departments. These activities will have a high impact in our school: - Their new skills and materials created and obtained from the courses will help other teachers in the school who are interested in the digital teaching programmes inside and outside our school. - More teachers will be motivated to start or carry on with their training in English language, therefore we will keep on reinforcing one of our main aims: to guarantee the continuity of the Bilingual and Enseñanza XXI programs in the school. - All our teachers need to train and improve their skills in audiovisual technology. We will be able to give short courses on creating and editing educational videos and their use in the classroom and about different aspects and tools used in the digital teaching. In order to determine the impact of this project, all the students and teachers involved will do a questionnaire about the knowledge derived from the project. The questionnaires will be taken before and after the project. In conclusion, the competences acquired by our teachers will be To sum up, the skills achieved by our teachers will be very important for the development of our school prospects, that are focused on guaranteing the continuity of the Bilingual Program and the Enseñanza XXI program, not only in the compulsory stage, but also in the Bachillerato stage. To carry on with these programs we must get more authorised teachers who must be, besides, capable of using advanced audiovisual and digital Technologies. On the other hand, our school is applying for Erasmus+ projects in order to keep on working as we did with previous Comenius.
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