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Cambios en la educación: Desarrollando nuestro proyecto de escuela, aprendiendo hoy para un futuro mejor.
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project "Changes in Education: Developing our school project, learning today for a better future" comes from our professional concern to provide our students with the necessary skills for a proper development in the Europe of the 21st century. Currently, in our school some important methodological changes are being introduced and we strongly believe that the knowledge of the new Finnish curriculum together with class observation in Finnish schools can help us to define our educational changes and to enhance our teachers and students European dimension.In order to carry out our goal, five teachers will participate in mobility activities, but all teachers at school have committed to fulfill the agreed methodological and organizational changes after the analysis of our training in Finland. The participants with mobility are the director, three English language teachers and a member of the Pedagogical Coordination. They all have the necessary linguistic, pedagogical and leadership skills to guarantee the implementation of the new changes.Three from the five participants will carry out a week observation period (Job Shadowing) in three different schools in Helsinki where they will observe how the Finnish curriculum is developed, how technology and new devices are integrated in teaching and, finally, they will try to contact teachers interested in developing projects with our students.The two other participants will attend a theoretical and practical training at the University of Helsinki with Pirita Seitamaa Hakkarainen and Professor Kai Hakkarainen (father of the Knowledge building methodology in Finland) about how the Knowledge Building methodology is integrated into the new Finnish curriculum . The participants will make questions, arise doubts and other considerations to the trainers based basically on how to develop thoroughly this methodology in our school. They will also visit three experimental schools that in September 2016 have had already experienced the new Finnish curriculum during the whole school year2015-16.The results that are being expected are: First, to increase the use of the Knowledge Building methodology in our teaching and to define both methodological and organizational changes in our school in order to be introduced in all the classes and to reflect them in the "Methodology" part of our Educational Project. Second, to widespread the use of technologies and new digital devices in the projects that are being carried out in all Primary grades. Third, to strengthen the European dimension, to make professional or personal links with Finnish teachers in order to carry out projects in partnership with our students. Finally, to improve the core competencies, the digital and learning to learn competence of our students.To achieve greater impact, all mobilities will take place the first week of September in order to integrate the new changes in the Annual Plan 2016-17. We also think that this project will contribute to define the methodology of our Educational Project making it more meaningful, competent, integrating the use of new technologies while promoting European feelings among our teachers and students. In the long term, these improvements will be reflected in the next school project 2017-21.

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