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CAMBIA: Creare interAzioni Multiculturali con Benefici per gli Individui e l'Ambiente
Start date: May 18, 2016, End date: Feb 17, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CAMBIA (Creare interAzioni Multiculturali con Benefici per gli Individui e l'Ambiente) is a project coordinated by EVS InCo which aims at bringing together two generations in order to promote a "climate of tolerance" highlighting the link between lifestyles, climate change and migrations.The volunteers, the sending and receiving organizations have been involved in the design already at the time of the identification of volunteers. CAMBIA involves the participation of 8 volunteers from 6 different countries (Armenia, France, Georgia, Spain, Ukraine, Hungary) including 4 males and 2 youths with fewer opportunities.The 7 receiving organizations are located in Northern Italy, Lombardy and Trentino Alto Adige, targeting 2 groups: the young and less young persons. In fact, the Civica manages nursing homes for the elderly, the youth centers via Vintola, Juvenes, Asif Chimelli and orizzonti Comuni support the sense of initiative of young people, the SOS Village of Saronno guarantees children and young people a positive growth path, InCo promotes intercultural exchange and international mobility of young people.For the topic of the project, intergenerational dialogue is essential because it allows the younger generation to understand better the current climate change and former lifestyles. Moreover, thanks to the contact with different cultures (in most cases more than 50% of young people involved in the youth centers and the SOS Village have foreign origins) they will know other stories of life and climatic environments. Every receiving organization is sensitive to environmental sustainability by promoting the cultivation of vegetable gardens (CIVICA; SOS SARONNO, JUVENES) or recycling workshops (Via Vintola, Asif Chimelli, Orizzonti Comuni).The volunteers will be actively involved in the receiving organizations, participating mainly in the organization and implementation of recreational, cultural, educational and communication activities. Moreover, they will participate altogether in activities "Globalize the world", the title suggested by the volunteers, to propose initiatives in the 7 receiving organizations. Under the supervision of InCo and the receiving organizations, they will organize workshops raising the awareness of the community on the link between lifestyle, climate change and migration: collecting life stories of old people and migrants with a focus on lifestyles in their childhood or in the country of origin, develop and submit questionnaires on “non-environmentally friendly” behaviors and how to change them, they will develop games and organize special events. They will have the opportunity to actively participate in events such as World Environment Day and the World Day of Migrants and RefugeesCAMBIA will generate several changes with a positive impact on all the actors involved:> The volunteers will strengthen and develop skills and attitudes relevant for their personal growth and future employment. These skills will be certified through the Youthpass. The volunteers will be supported in their learning path by all the partners who have already agreed on the methods. During the hours of service, moments of reflection on the learning, individual interviews with the mentor and supervisor and moments in the group will be foreseen. A participatory approach will be used to facilitate the direct involvement of the volunteer in concrete activities (always under the supervision of staff), stimulate their creativity and spirit of initiative to design new activities. The contact between volunteers will be encouraged to support the socialization, the learning path and active participation;> Users of the receiving organizations and their families will have the chance to broaden their horizons, build relationships with people from different cultures, share their life stories and participate in special events;> The youth of the receiving organizations and the local community will be more interested in social engagement activities thanks to the example of EVS volunteers;> Receiving organizations will benefit from the enriching elements suggested by EVS volunteers. The activities of the partners will have a greater impact due to the strengthening of synergies both locally and internationally;> The local community will be encouraged to change its non-environmentally friendly lifestyles, to become aware of its responsibility on climate change and hence on the migration of certain people. CAMBIA will thus contribute to create a climate of greater tolerance.To ensure a greater impact, the dissemination will be a key element: the materials developed (games, stories of life, questionnaires, etc.) will be published online and volunteers will be encouraged to share their testimonials on the websites and newsletters of the partners.
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