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CAM-Station, Automatisierung einer Fertigungsstraße
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "CAM station, automation of a production line" is technically demanding and expected to achieve a very broad impact. To develop and strengthen the professional competence is the central challenge for any vocational school. This is not an end in itself but a result of the need for well-qualified and possibly internationally experienced workers that the businesses have. In addition, today’s work-sharing and internationally competing industry must operate cost-effectively. Attaining this in the required product quality can only be achieved through the use of state-of-the-art production techniques. The realisation of a computer-aided manufacturing cell (CAM) is the backbone of this project. At this manufacturing station a gantry robot picks a part and places it on a conveyor belt , which begins to move. Based on various sensors, the components are detected, sorted by actuators and supplied to another processing station depending on the requirements. This requires the use of various disciplines such as: metal engineering, electrical engineering, pneumatic and software engineering. Since the task is complex, it was reduced didactically to the needs and opportunities of vocational schools. Besides technical know-how, knowledge of foreign languages and ICT skills play an important role. This aspect is covered by creating a multilingual and multimedia glossary and the development of a project website. Finally, there is the need to support and integrate slow-learning students, who are at risk in their vocational education, so that the negative downward spiral described in Chapter D can be reversed into a positive causal chain. Methodical, social and personal competences are strengthened so that they are reflected in the strongest possible professional competence. This allows self-reliant and self-confident skilled workers to find well-paying secure jobs in modern factories. This consideration was based on the Europe 2020 strategy. All involved parties, but especially teachers benefit from the strengths of the respective schools. The specialists provide in virtual transnational working groups, transnational project meetings and the planned learning, teaching and training activities for an international knowledge transfer and thus lay the foundation for a successful course of events and high quality project results. The four participating schools will be integrated hierarchically into an organization matrix according to their particular skills and strengths. We use a project management structure that has been successfully used in the industry. It is so widely-used because it ensures clear professional and disciplinary responsibility and counteracts atomization of responsibilities. Carrying out a successful project requires not only clear goals, a thoughtful schedule, clear responsibilities and an adequate budget. These success conditions must of course be present, but have to be monitored by regular controlling. By using this control loop corrective action can be taken early in case of deviations from the desired. In spite of everything, we must never forget the most important thing, the individual. Only motivated and self-reliant employees can bring a complex project to success. Therefore professional, intercultural and above all personal exchange is required, which is realized by the aforementioned learning and teaching meetings. All in all, 144 mobilities with 204 plus x participants are planned in this complex project. The project achieves various effects and provides lasting benefits. All involved students, especially slow-learning students and teachers gain a higher linguistic and technical language competence , reduce prejudices and practice in tolerance. By communicating via modern media, ICT competences are strengthened. The technical competence is deepened through mutual learning of the specialists. Last but not least the international profile of the schools is raised in any case.
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