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Çağrı Merkezi Operatörü ve Acil Çağrı Karşılayıcı Eğitimi
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This Project is a educational mobility project for the students studying in “Emergency Health Services” department of Güzelhisar (TVAS), Iğdır 70. Yıl Cumhuriyet TVAS, Çubuk Gevher Nesibe TVAS and students studying in “Office Management” department of Denizli TVAS and Bulancak Akşemsettin TVAS. Participant group will consist of 8 students from each group that includes at least 2 students with disabilities and totally 32 students and 4 accompanying field expert teachers.Turkish Call Center Sector has also a potential of serving services to European and Middle East countries. Especially in Turkey sector began to serve its first service export to Germany because of the great number of people who could speak German like a mother tongue. If this service export becomes widespread, it is expected that Turkey can be the Call Center of its nearby geography in 2023 with its 360.000 customer representative and 6 Billion dollars budget. In addition to that the requirement of answering to %80 of people calling Call Centers in 20 seconds, which is forced by the government to GSM and IT companies, and the possibility of spreading of this force especially for the Banking companies create a need for employing more operators.The Ministry of Education couldn’t realize the dynamic of the sector and didn’t create any department in the vocational high schools. Consequently, the companies in the sector give operatorship trainings after every new recruitment, which cannot provide a desired training and brings economic bothers to the companies. Moreover one of the reasons of this is youths get training in different fields regard being an operator as a temporary job that can be sustainable until finding a new job or getting married. Hence the sense of belonging to the job is getting decreased and as a result the annual turn-over rate in the sector is %50.EU Council declared in its decision dated 29/07/1991 and numbered 91/396 that the use of “112” line in the member countries was to be as “the only Europa Emergency Call number”. Because of this decision Turkey made a regulation about it, “112 Emergency Call Center Foundation, Duty, and Working Instructions”, and started a plot scheme.In the Emergency Call Centers, answering all the calls instantly and not missing them is a goal. The expected service level is 100%. In addition, the most important element of the service provided by emergency call centers are the qualified call greeters. Emergency Call Greeters’ being calm during an emergency is only possible via the staff trained for Emergency Health Care Services” People undertaking such a critical task must be trained through standard training programs which make them competent enough.Participants will get theoretical and practical training of call center operatorship for three weeks. Also, they will recognize emergency call service in Modena and get on-the-job training by experiencing active operation environment due to one-week emergency call service training.The Project aims:•For students: to enable students who haven’t got any training in “ Call Center Operatorship” and in “Emergency Call Greeter Profession” to get profession whose employment rate is high after their graduation.•For sectors: to create a labor supply having vocational education to meet the need of sector which will need at least 30.000 new personnel in 2 weeks.•To create vocational personnel population getting vocational training for the first time for “112 Emergency Call Centers” whose pilot implementation has begun.In terms of Vocational Education• To revise vocational training in parallel with developments in the sector• To provide students in vocational education with the awareness of a lesser known sector• To contribute to employment by increasing alternative fields which students can select according to their interests and abilities• To attract successful students to vocational educationAs the results of the project• Students will be trained in a profession that they can carry career and don’t have employment worries• The attractiveness of vocational education will increase• The educational objectives will contribute to the educational programme and educational documents which are prepared for the branch of “Call Center Operatorship” by the Ministry of National Education• The sector will reach the labor supply meeting the need and won’t pay the cost of operator general education• The existence of qualified personnel will encourage the foreign investors to enter into Turkish market• EMS students are trying to establish with the EU standards "Emergency Call greeters" The success of the application will provide support the need for widespread qualified personel needsProject Mobility is totally 28 days between 03/04/2016–30/04/2016; It will be held in Modena, Italy with a total of 35 participants in the placement activities of the Evan Group and For Modena institutions. The start date of the project is 01/09/2015 and is 12 months.

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