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Çağdaş Pazarlamanın Modern sunumu " Fuar Organizasyonu"
Start date: Jul 4, 2016, End date: Jul 3, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Today's world of rapid globalization and technological development process increases the communication of communities where living in the world's different regions. The development of communication and intercommunication, especially through the Internet and improved telecommunications in the global economy has accelerated and has been revived. Increased international trade and transnational initiatives, trade barriers and barriers between countries has started to decrease and elimination. This situation offers great opportunities to companies. The fairs are one of the best ways for firms to services and exhibiting own product. The development of Exhibition and fair sector emerged as a phenomenon brings together several companies both from the same sector and different sector; companies make acquisition of new customers also meet with existing customers, they can exhibit product and services to increase product sales, to promote themselves better and which helps improve the image and brand perception in the eyes of customers. Exhibition and fair sector gives opportunities to the competitors to better observe same companies and allows having information about them. Turkey as well as like worldwide Exhibition and fair sector developing and becoming a sector that has strengthened support economic development. Size, budget, and regardless of the other features of importance given by all enterprises in fairs and exhibitions in the rate of being used as a marketing tool was found to be increasing with each passing day. This leads to a fair and long-term employment opportunities, particularly for students who plan to continue their professional development in the field of congress hostess. The aim of our project: is to offer an employment opportunity for our students and change the angle of the current attitude towards the fair hostesses especially in our city which is known city of Fairs. Fair and congress are seen to work part time profession. However, requires the ability to appeal to visitors with all the senses, long-term training, strong communication skills, and proper diction. With the implementation of our project; our students will provide development professional and foreign language and not only in our county will also catch the chance of employment in international fairs. If our project approved, our project team will be established in accordance with the achievement of those objectives; the project's preparation, mobility, dissemination and assessment stage will be completed with de support of international partner. Our project team will consist of names that are confident, not afraid to take responsibility, hardworking, devoted. Our project team will realize project meeting and put on the table all the details of the preparation after approved project and Especially in the case of overseas affecting all of our projects will be taken up in the idea of our partners in overseas. However, the final decision on all the steps and responsibilities will unite our project team. After the project mobility completed, for the evaluation and dissemination steps polls, observation forms, pictures and videos will use. Survey-observation forms, photographs and video footage are quite important to disseminate to the widest audience. The project team will work to ensure the efficient completion of the project and to feel project's sensitivity to all contacts, components and institutions. In addition, our school after the dissemination process, it will become a good example to the surrounding equivalent high school. Our schools will have become conspicuous and encouraging on the international arena in the eyes of other vocational schools. Project outcomes, as noted above, the country's unemployment rate directly affects the employment period. Our students have been in business a short time after they graduated and they will contribute to retreat further down the unemployment rate of 10.9 based on 2013-2014 data according to Turkey Statistical Institute. With the number of Falling unemployment; qualified employees will increase and prosperity of our country will be increased
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