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CÁDIZ Jóvenes Europeos
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The “CADIZ European Youths” Project is fixed in a city particularly affected by unemployment and lack of opportunities, which concern the way the youths face their immediate futures, with expectations very much linked to their immediate environment and therefore negative personal growth and professional development. In this regard, from the Cadiz City Council seeks to support the educational centers of the city in the mobility and internationalization of youths abilities, formalizing a Consortium with three Centers which teach Vocational Education and Training (Drago High School, Salesianos San Ignacio School and San Severiano High School) interested in participating in the introduction of a Common Mobility Project for Intermediate Vocational Education and Training students or recent qualified experts from these centers, thus contributing the opportunity for your students to improve their educational and training abilities by getting to know other cultures. In a city like Cadiz, with a very limited labour market and scarces expectations of professional fulfilment, it is necessary to open our student’s forecasts to other possibilities. Ultimately, this project can help the European Projection of our students and their linguistic competences improvement and presents an opportunity for each of the Consortium Members to contribute to generate professional and personal competences towards the internationalization between the youths, since it would be the first time that they can aim for develop what they have learnt outside of their city by getting other ways of working. The Project will be developed over 24 months and will participate 28 student who will carry out two type of stays in Italy, Germany and Greece: - Stays in Training Centers or Workplace Trainings a month-long for recent qualified experts (16 mobilities). - Complete the Workplace Training for Intermediate Vocational Education and Training students who have to finish their Training and must have passed all the technical modules of the training cycle and proving certain degree of personal maturity, carrying out during three months for the acquisition of the professional competences attached to each cycle. (12 mobilities). The profile would be of the Vocational Education and Training students interested in extend their Training through the Project or recent qualified experts dependent on the type of Mobility, over age 16 years old (18-19 years old mainly) and with a minimum level of training of title of Secondary Education to those who are still studying 1st or 2nd Intermediate Vocational Education and Training; either are recent qualified experts in those cycles (that is, they have finished the 2013-14 or 2014-2015 course). In principle, is not included any participant with special requirements. The methodology to be applied will be cooperative between the Consortium Members who will form at the beginning of the Project a Steering Committee formed by the responsible people from each center and from the Promotion Employment and Professional Training to verify the quality of the Project management and a Mobility Committee in each center who will work in direct coordination with the Promotion Employment and Professional Training management team and with the European partners in the preparation, selection and monitoring of the participants mobilities. The expected impact that will affect the students will be beneficial for the learning and the academic performance in the cycle, since the participant student will transmit to their classmates his/her experience, what will be particularly rewarding to all. In medium and long term, we hope to generate in the cycle a stimulated dynamic of the entrepreneurial spirit and the mobility in the students from this cycle, consolidating better academic outcomes and reducing the number of early school leavers. The impact on the Centers will mean an improvement in their educational quality, in an effort in adapting to the new technologies, necessitating a new vision for the educational organization, contributing to the development of a European culture with the consequent social impact that involve the foreign mobilities, to the improvement of the curriculum project of the Training cycles and the creation of networks. At local level, this Consortium will involve a first step to the involvement of official institutions by improving the quality in Education and Training of our futures human resources, to favor the spreading to other centers of the city, thus waiting that this experience achieves a projection that revert in the development of a participatory politics and inserted in the of Training and Education necessities, the enterprises and thus the creation of synergies with other local, national or European partners organization.

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