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C.E.S.E. - Commercial English for SME Employees

The C.E.S.E. project aims at identifying both tools and methodologies for English teaching and self-learning to SME employees. These identified tools and methodologies should be flexible, tailored, transferable to other languages/target groups and aimed particularly at the cross-cultural aspects of communication. All tools and methodologies should also be strongly linked with the working environment of the potential users. Building upon an initial analysis of best practice amongst all participating countries, the project will develop a best practice compendium, a series of teaching and learning materials and a range of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) tools accessible via both CD-Rom and via the internet. Dissemination activities will comprise several workshops organised by individual project partners, in addition to awareness-raising via individual partner websites. Project beneficiaries include vocational training bodies and employees working for SME's.
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