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"Być informatykiem przyszłości - uczymy się profesji w Europie"
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project“To be the IT specialist of the future - learning the profession in Europe” includes the technological and educational subjects as well as provides the duration of the apprenticeship according to that defined in the Decree of the Ministry of Education for the profession of Information Technology technician.Within the bounds of the project 15 students of the third grade of the IT Technical school at School Complex in Staszow,that comes out as the applicant and the mover served the 4-week apprenticeship in Berlin from 01.02.2016 to 26.02.2016 with the travel time all in all 28 days.The school is represented by the principal Mr I. Grabowski.Our Partner is BERLINK GmbH from Germany represented by Mr L. D. Marino, the coordinators of our project are Ms I. Witkowska , the contact person is Ms N. Michalak.During the stay of our trainees in Germany our students had the opportunity to serve apprenticeship which is going to be the continuation of the current educational cycle,to get acquainted with the cultural richness of the region through the organized guided tours around Berlin.The participants worked divided into groups in anl IT office of our Partner in Berlin.The results and the knowledge, gained during their practical training was checked in accordance with the ECVET. "Antal Global Snapshot" recent survey (2015) underlines a huge positive impact of practical training in the field of IT.One of the opinions is that school provides 20%of knowledge,necessary at work, whereas practical training provides 80% of it.It is also mentioned,that learning foreign languages,especially technical ones,is of great importance as well as mobility and flexibility of the trainees on the job market.More and more IT companies are accessing the Polish market ,competition and employers' requirements are growing as well as the progress of technology.Computerization and a digitization of public administration are also outweighing.All the above facts and figures necessitate an increase in the quality of services,and thus - the quality of education.Foreign apprenticeships gave the possibility to improve quality and attractiveness of practical training for our students.That is why apprenticeships for this project as we believe were necessary to be served.The main objectives of the project were:1To organize apprenticeships and prepare the computer workplace and peripherals to work 2.To learn the installation and operation of a local area network,to create web applications.The specific objectives were:preparation of appropriate apprenticeship places and organizing of our students leave,implementation of knowledge for practical classes at school and passing the final examination that entitles to practising the job; the advancement of knowledge in the field of foreign language vocabulary especially technical one;to get acquainted with culture and customs of Germany.Our project met the needs of participants through direct participation in apprenticeships - students got acquainted with new working methods and technologies used in information technology and had the opportunity to take part in the preparation of pedagogy,the linguistic and cultural heritage.During the project we used the following methods: ECVET, Europass, observations, telephone and personal interviews, electronic communication,APV, surveys, tests, presentations, reports, publications, websites and press releases,notes,diary keeping, preparation of reports and more.The positive impact of the project on the European level:if we talk about the European policy of sustainable development,our project in the future may be a small step towards a more competitive economy through the creation and dissemination by our alumni of new technologies,they will open their own businesses and help consumers make conscious decisions.The project also complies with the principles of equality of opportunity, we did not use any discriminatory criteria for the recruitment of participants or or anywhere else.Our project also has a positive effect on the development of the information society through the practice of using modern technology and specialized software with the following dissemination of modern information technology in everyday life of citizens,businesses and public administrations. Participation of our students in foreign practices increased the quality and attractiveness of education in our school.Practice will help our students find a job after graduation or will be helpful in choosing the path of further education. The project also contributed to the promotion of regional development both in Poland and Germany.Dissemination of project results mentioned above in both countries said about such important issues as education of young staff of employees from our region.The share of educational institutions of the region in the projects co-funded by the European Union increases the quality of education and consequently raises the prestige of vocational training in the region.
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