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Start date: May 10, 2015, End date: Dec 10, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

*** Context/Background of the project Associazione Link is based in the South of Italy where the culture of biking is note very much developed even if, since a few years, young people are more and more using (mostly for economical reasons) bikes for their mobility in town. In this context Associazione Link started a project – in coperation with the local Town Council and other local organization – to stimulate the use of bicycle as a sustainable mean of transport. In the frame of this local activity, a group of young people suggested to make an exchange of experiences with groups from other countries, so Link decided to look for international partners through an open call published on the main partner searching tools online. Among the other proposal, Link decided to choose HIP 92 as an organization which was reliable and has experience; moreover the choise was also taken in favour of a country where there is a strong biking culture. *** Objectives of the project HIP 92 and Link share the objectives which are: to give youth the opportunity to share their experience and to motivate them to involve other young people in the use of bicycle; to investigate all the implications related to health, environment and economy in the use of bicycle; to provide an opportunity to acquire new technical experience; to have a chance to improve entrepreneurial and organizational skills; to gain more intercultural competences. ***Working methods In this respect, our working methods are very important: this youth exchange builds on the understanding that intergroup contact is a crucial prerequisite for encouraging dialogue, countering prejudice and intolerant attitudes, and fostering positive awareness of other cultures. This youth exchange puts strong emphasis on interactive and 'mixed-groups' working methods, and also includes cultural and social activities (e.g. the 'national dinner') that will encourage youngsters to familiarise themselves with each others' lives, cultures and living environments. Informal working methods shall be used to make the participants aware of the objectives in the most interactive way. *** Short description of the results and impact envisioned The participating youngsters will be the primary beneficiaries of this project. The two most important envisioned outcomes of this project for the youngsters are: (1) being aware of the nature and environment, and (2) having a more sustainable life style, also through sports in the nature, and by using the bicycle as a daily means of transport. These 2 objectives shall also be promoted on local / regional level, the aim is on long term to raise the number of people using the bicycle. *** Potential longer term benefits We are convinced that cross-border contact, dialogue and exchange counters stereotypes and prejudice and fosters tolerance and positive awareness of other cultures. Therefore, we see the long-term benefit of this project is to contribute to an open, tolerant and united Europe. In terms of longer-term benefits for the organisations involved: through the dissemination activities (media work, peer-to-peer presentations and the wordpress/video blog), this project will raise the profile of our organisations - as well as that of the Erasmus+ programme as a whole - which will hopefully allow us to continue doing this type of work in the future.

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