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Business Transfer Programme II

Business transfer is of major concern in the European Union. Almost one third of the SMEs in the European Union, approximately 690.000 businesses with about 2.8 million jobs will be faced with the succession/transfer process within the next years. The transfer of the BTP curriculum and the Screening Tool has contributed to the improvement of the skills of business successors/buyers and transferors to handle the difficulties involved in the transfer of businesses. The screening tool is a specific technical instrument and allows a first enterprise check. The target groups of BTP II were SMEs sub-divided into (1) family members, who want to take over an existing company within the family; (2) MBOs: employees who want to take over a company and (3) MBIs: external persons who want to take over a company.The project partnership of BTP II consisted of 7 partners from 7 European countries: Austria, Finland, Italy, Netherland, Poland, Portugal and Sweden. All selected partners were experienced in the field of international projects, in the adult training and education area and at the aim sector.
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