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Business Owners. Promoting Youth Employment through the Continuity of Family Business
Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Feb 28, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The continuation of family businesses offers to young unemployed people great opportunitis for their inclusion in the job market. However, this formula is not exploited enough because of the special difficulties it involves. The reason why the transfer is normally difficult is because the transition of a family business involves a transfer of ownership but also a transfer of management and in many occasions the ones taking over the management don´t have the necessary competences to do so in an effective way. The transition of a family business requires a high level of development of soft skills from the different parts involved and the future manager needs to deal with the “old” management style, needs to be able to adapt the business to his/her own idea of the business and to the current demands of the market and needs to be able to generate trust in the workers, the clients and the providers of the family company. This involves different competences: such as leadership, emotional intelligence and entrepreneurship which need to be trained. With the Business Owners project we want to contribute to raise awareness among young people of the possibilities that this formula offers for their professional development and we will create training materials to increase the necessary competences of these youngsters in order to be ready for a successful transfer. The Business Owners project is in the line with the priorities of the ERASMUS+ programme which supports the development of training materials to develop soft skills and specifically entrepreneurship, and it also supports projects which create or reinforce links between training and the labour market for a better matching of skills and competences between both. The main objectives of the project will, therefore, be: - Raise awareness in VET centers, and other training organizations, of the necessity to train and develop entrepreneurial competences among young people. - Raise awareness among young people of the possibilities that family businesses have as an employment alternative. - Increase the employability of young people through the continuation of family businesses. - Improve the necessary competences of young people to carry out a successful business transfer process. - Give continuity to family businesses as a driver for the local and regional development. To achieve these objectives, in the framework of the project we will produce the following results: - A study to detect the “Key success factors in business transfer. Identification of competences for a successful handover of family businesses” implementing different social research tools such as interviews or the organization of focus groups with experts and trainers in business transfer. - A “Self-assessment tool for the evaluation of the necessary competences for a successful handover of a family business”, so VET learners can evaluate their own level of the key competences in family business. - A “Course for the development of competences for a successful business transfer” which can be used by VET trainers as part of their training activities or by VET learners themselves and which provides different contents to develop the key competences for a proper business transfer. - A “Manual for trainers for the accreditation of competences related to family businesses”, which will provide VET trainers with a methodology to be used for training VET learners and to use the self-assessment tool and the course to produce the best results among their students. To results of the project will be assessed internally, according to an Evaluation Plan and also externally with the participation of VET learners and VET trainers in test sessions where they will evaluate the different results. In total, 345 among VET learners and VET trainers will participate in these sessions, which will be also a good way to disseminate the results of the project and to involve the final users in it. The results of the Business Owners project will have an important impact firstly in the partner organizations, as they will incorporate the training materials developed to their training offer but also in other organizations from their network which will have the availability of innovative training materials for a topic which has not been explored enough until now.
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