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Business Advisors Training Opportunities and Knowledge: to strengthen the consulting expertise and competence of the actors in public economic development through the transfer of an innovative and sustainable curriculum and the creation of consistent quality standards.

BARTOK will make an active contribution to the educational objectives of the Leonardo da Vinci program and will address the gap in training and further education needs of public economic development advisors across the EU. The project aims to strengthen the consulting expertise and competence of business advisors responsible for stimulating economic growth through entrepreneurship. Business advisors in local and regional economic development institutions need to play an increasingly major role. Their traditional tasks have included supporting the startup of companies and providing counsel for the ongoing survival of the startup enterprises. Considering global economic challenges as well as tightening budgetary situations, economic development institutions must develop more effective strategies to meet their primary objective of stimulating economic growth. And this is can only be achieved through training and further education aimed to support effective new business advising. Institutions of the economic development get more tasks of consultung and process-accompanying start-up support.However in most cases, institutions do not possess the know-how to meet this demand for training. Neither schools, colleges or universities provide training in this sector. The innovative approach of BARTOK will offer a basis for consistent quality standards in the training and further education for the target groups across the EU. Through the integration and further development of existing training programs, a comprehensive curriculum including quality standards, which can be applied across the EU, will be created and consequently transferred within the EU. The span of the transfer of results ranging from the adaptation of existing teaching and learning materials to meet the demand in other countries up to the anchorage of quality standards in the specific education and training for the target group.The individual project goals include:a)A clear definition and description of the target groups’ training needsb)The development of competence profilesc)The adaptation of existing training modules and development of training modules for business advisors in the public economic development sectord)Development of quality control management
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