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Burnout Intervention Training for Managers and Team Leaders
Start date: Jan 1, 2010,

The European Working Conditions Survey highlighted that occupational illnesses associated with psychological stress are on the rise throughout the EU member states. The project BOIT addresses a specific mental health syndrome characterized by emotional, mental and physical exhaustion: the burnout syndrome. There are several European projects that deal with promoting health and safety at the workplace or with preventing vocational stress. However, none of them have developed intervention strategies for managers to deal with psycho-social illnesses generated by specific working conditions. Therefore, the aim of this project is to prevent working situations that promote burnout, and, perhaps even more importantly, to enable team leaders to detect burnout among their staff early and to define strategies to intercept the burnout progress. Burnout is a phenomenon which does not appear all of a sudden but develops slowly and gradually. This overall aim will be reached by developing and testing a further education programme for managers and team leaders. The direct target groups of this project are:- managers;- team leaders; - and other members of intermediate management from companies from different service sectors; The final beneficiaries of the project that will be reached inter alia by accompanying dissemination activities are affected burnout patients or persons who are in the process of burnout; These two groups will be reached through VET institutions and their trainers, programme developers and managers. Social insurances and labour market services will be approached as potential multipliers. In the course of the project lifelong learning activities including awareness-raising about burnout will take place and relevant social skills will be developed and strengthened. These social competences are that inked to personal and social well-being which requires an understanding of how individuals can ensure optimum physical and mental health (Recommendation of the European Parliament and of the council of 18 December 2006 on key competences for lifelong learning (2006/962/EC)).The BOIT project will develop and test a training programme called "burnout intervention training for managers and team leaders" which will enable the participants to - generally diagnose an organisation concerning burnout-promoting circumstances;- recognize burnout at an early stage: o psychological characteristics o physiological characteristics;- intervene in terms of open interviewing, problem description, perspective changing;- etcThe main project products to be developed include:- a blended-learning burnout intervention training programme;- implementation and documentation of piloting courses in 6 partner countries (AT, DE, IT, RO, DK, UK);- a good practice brochure. Product development will be accompanied by awareness-raising activities among shareholders in adult education, labour market services, social insurances and other institutions. To this end a range of dissemination products will be developed and distributed, including a project website, flier, poster, newsletters, project presentations and media publications.
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