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Bulgarian-Serbian Innovative Teaching Network (BSIT.NET)
Start date: Apr 21, 2013, End date: Apr 21, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The strategy of the project includes several steps, which are methodically connected and satisfy the needs of the target groups using their strengths: - research of education systems - legislative basis, available practices, common problems and challenges. It is necessary for general orientation of the participants; - attraction and motivation of participation; - creation of informational and communicational tools; - creation of the network – a horizontal structure of educational professionals; - experience shared trough thematic meetings, interactive web-site; - development of resources for CBC through education of a joint pool of experts; - formalization of the network and adoption of a strategic document; - evaluation and conclusion phase; - dissemination of the project results. Achievements: The project envisioned and achieved the following results:- A research had been conducted to describe both countries educational systems - their structure, priorities, strategies for development, and available practices in encouraging of innovative methods in education;- Implementation of 2 joint thematic forums in Bulgaria and Serbia in order to support the exchange of best practices and cooperation between educational professionals from the border region. The forum participants had been teachers and other specialists (i.e. principals, psychologists, etc.);- Creation of a web platform in order to ensure communication, exchange of information and best practices between members of the network: A group of 20 representatives of the target group (10 per each country), have passed training for NGO development – strategic planning, project planning, advocacy, work with media, etc.- The creation of the professional network as a formal structure took place in Vidin in a two-day conclusion forum. The forum included 30 representatives of the target groups (15 from every country), who have elaborated necessary documents (i.e. Statute, Strategic plan.) of the network and prepared its court registration as an international NGO.- A collection with selected materials from the project (i.e. research report, best practices of teaching, etc.) have been prepared in both languages and distributed among the target groups and decision makers in Bulgaria and Serbia (250 issues).The project was successfully completed in April 2014.
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  • 2007 - 2013 Bulgaria - Serbia IPA CBC (BG-RS)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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