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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Epidemics that have become one of the main problems through the world in recent years was the most important title of the World Health Organization's report named Secure Future (2007). The report emphasized that the epidemics continue to spread with a terrible speed compared to previous years and create new viruses and bacterias that are mutated. Because the new types of treatments for infectious diseases caused by viruses are yet still in the research stage, preventive measures for these diseases become more of an issue. The subject of our project we are planning to carry out is the preventives approach to infectious diseases. Our project is dedicated to our teachers, sophomores and seniors who are studying in our school of nursing and emergency medical technician department. Our movement will be carried out with in two stages with the participation of 30 students and 10 teachers. The aim of the project is to improve the knowledge and skills of both our students and teachers within the help of our internship partners. In addition, with this project we aim to provide equipped personnel and to be beneficial to the improvement of our country's 10th Health Transformation Program. When determining the subject, our project issues were taken into consideration of the existing technological infrastructure in our health college. Because of the limited technical means and hardware facilities in our country, our students are not able to create simulation environments against infectious diseases. For this reason, even though our graduated students have the theoretical knowledge, they are not able to put this knowledge into practice. In addition, our students who are being trained in health care institutions are not trained about the professionals related to their studying areas, which means that even after training activities they keep having problems about applying the knowledge they improved in practice. Technical impossibilities also have negative impacts on our teachers too. They cannot be aware of the new health practices and medical technologies to educate students. With the help of our internship partners, within this project, we aim to improve our participant students professional knowledge and skills on measures against infectious disease and our participant teachers will be able to learn about the new protective measures for infectious diseases, by observing during the training, they will be able to learn new technologies in this field. Expected impacts and results with our project: - By improving their professional knowledge and skills, our students self confidence and motivation will be proved. - With the certificates given after training activities, their employability chances in private sectors will be increased. - Our teaching staff will be equipped in professional senses and the education quality will be increased at our school. - Regarding preventive measures against infectious diseases, our country's staff will be trained in a professional way familiar with EU Standards, thereby the quality in the health sector will be increased. - At vocational education, the improvement of foreign languages will be provided. - As a result of participation our students and teachers will develop their capacities of tolerance and understanding different cultures. - With the gained acquisitions, our students will be prepared for the future according to EU standards.

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