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Building up and actuation of a Hungarian-Serbian cross-border flood and inland water protection system along the Tisza river (HUSEFLOOD)
Start date: Jun 29, 2010, End date: Dec 30, 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Present project is a common initiative on behalf of three eligible project partners coming from the Programme area, two of them come from Hungary, one partner is from Serbia. The destination of development is an economically and socially backward area of Hungary, the Southern Great Plain Region, and within that the Kistelek sub region, and the Municipality of Kanjiža, situated in Serbia. The mentioned area represents at the same time a flood and inland water risk zone in Hungary and in Serbia having several common principal rivers like Tisza orMaros. By this development the population's life and property security of the affected micro-regions and cross-border areas will progress significantly – especially in small settlements. Minimizing the flood and inland water disasters’ effects the investments’ property security will increase, which supports the region’s economic development too. The development contributes to the region’s economic and social upgrading and strengthening of international relations. The overall project objective is to extend the available technical equipment for prevention and averting the flood and inland water damages in the economically and socially backward, flood and inland water endangered region, to extend the responsible authorities’ free capacity and the cross-border communication on prevention anddamage averting related to floods and inland waters. The project’s accentuated priority is that in case of flood and inland water disasters in Tisza region, which cannot be avoided by prevention to facilitate the protective works’ effectiveness and international coordination by a multilingual, modern Geographic Information System (GIS) toassist the disaster management bodies to be able to communicate multi-directional and in a fast way with Serbia. The implementation of the present project will bring multiple benefits in water management's field to the partners like the GIS system which supports the cross-border multi-directional communication and prevention in case of disasters, floods or inland water and besides the GIS system will take place some acquisitions of other components, vehicles, appliances which might facilitate the protection and prevention works in the endangered cross-border area in case of necessity. The project generates obvious cross-border impacts, because the partners come from the eligible areas of the programme, making sure that every partner will enjoy themain benefits of the project implementation, the planned activities, acquisitions and the functioning GIS monitoring system. The safer and more predictable weather phenomenon, an efficient monitoring system which ensures the safety of the whole cross-border area and equipment which can be used for common works and in multipurpose protection or prevention as well making more attractive the Hungarian-Serbian region to draw foreign direct investments, having an improved public security for every citizen living there. Achievements: Equipment purchased for flood and excess water protection management on the HU side and GIS system developed useful also in case of flood protection on the Serbian side.
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  • 2007 - 2013 Hungary - Serbia IPA CBC (HU-RS)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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