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Building Today the Careers of Tomorrow
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Building Today the Careers of Tomorrow" or BTCT aims to involve the participating schools in a series of activities that will ultimately lead to the production of sets of materials on career orientation and career building that will be made available to all interested parties, teachers, students, parents, stakeholders and others in order to aid the process of career decision making and support pupils in making a wise, determined, accurate and sustainable choice of career as well as build towards their goal while still in school. The project envisages to produce 3 outputs, distinct and yet interconnected: a book on best practices of career orientation, career guidance and career building based on a thorough analysis of the strong and weak points of the methods used in every participating country as well as on the selection of best examples of methods, materials, questionnaires and other alike; a methodology/guidelines set of questionnaires aimed to take both teachers and students through the maize of discovery of skills, talents, intelligences chart, innate abilities, interests and motivational factors that will contribute to bettering career orientation and alleviate decision making processes; this will come with sets of instructions upon application, assessment of results, conducting meetings based on them with students, parents and other, frequency of application, increase of degree of accuracy of determining content. Based on this, the third output will become the collector of data gathered by the use of the second, in the form of career orientation and career building portfolios, again with a brief set of instructions of use and relevance for owner. The project involves five partner schools covering a span of student ages from 12 to 19, lower and upper secondary, vocational and theoretical in such a way as the covered areas to become as comprehensive as possible for any other interested school or organization from any other area. All products will be available on-line as well in order to be used, viewed, assessed and commended upon by anyone interested as well as in order to aid the process of application of materials by any teacher, student or professional interested in the topic. We also hope that the project will determine professionals in education reconsider traditional ways of teaching to the task and integrate collaborative techniques in their activity, at the same time involving their pupils as much as possible in taking their decisions concerning their educational needs, development, and future paths in life.
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