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Building Pathways
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Joining the 13 years experience of Norte Crescente and the most recent statistical data on issues such as the social, geographic, professional and school exclusion, leading to issues related to unemployment, crime, depressive and anxiogenic symptomatology in young people, shown by the studies presented, Building Pathways has born.The Building Project Pathways, aims to adress these problems, presented and documented in the target population, through contact with peers from other countries and cultures, but with similar difficulties. Thus, through non-formal education, we aims to reduce these problems by the inclusion of marginalized young people, promoting diversity and dialogue between cultures. This project will include the participation of seven countries, including a group of Portugal - Azores, involving about 60 participants (including technical and local partners to achieve the best outcome), will last for 8 days (excluding days trip), and, on each day, we will adress a different area, namely, health, sport, employment, inclusion and equal opportunities, sharing, solidarity and new technologies, while we potentiate the qualities and capabilities the participants. Young people with ages between 15 and 21 years, with difficulties in social integration, professional, school and family, from different cultures and contexts will be our target group.It should be noted, the 4 levels of impact of this program (1) the community will benefit from it, in that if you want to break no geographical barriers but also cultural and social, approaching the same existing resources and institutions; (2) the level of the partners, the creation of a stable network sharing strategies is intended, methodologies, realities and experiences that will remain after the project, and achieved only through it; (3) the level of public policy, a project at European level will have an impact much more significant in terms of creation of public policies (national and international) who want to respond to identified problems and finally (4) the disclosure that allows greater visibility of Erasmus + program as an example of good practice within the European and global cooperation, and this communication made through social networks as well as in all events organized by the partners involved.In conclusion, the preparation of this project results from reunions and discussions beetweem partners, puting them to think about the problem from different perspectives, its implementation will bring all the benefits described above, and the final evaluation of all the partners (both formal and informal) allows us to put to the test the methodologies created in common, enjoying and evaluating the inherent project results.

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