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Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: Aug 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The school of Horodiste is a school where there are 140 children and 15 teachers. The aim of the school is to provide a good education to children in Horodiste. Many children grow up in families with social and economic problems. For these children, it is very important to have extra-school activities within the school which will enable them to develop for example, their creative skills, social, linguistic so on. The main objective is to set up these activities. In this project it is essential to be creative. To enhance the work of volunteer and volunteers and also to get in touch with different protaconist to interact. This is a project that is part time. The objectives of this project are: - Creating new educational activities (courses in music, theater, sports, foreign language, dance, computer ) - Supporting and helping children to achieve they're duties - Helping children to be aware of European citizenship - Promoting cultural diversity - Promoting a envirnomental respect for and a sustainable development. Our project meets the criteria of the EVS Charter. The volunteer will be actively involved in the activities and can learn and develop skills. They can also learn to integrate and live in a new society, learn to open to different cultures, learn to combat prejudice and get openness in sharing with others. The project contributes to the process of educating young people internationally, developing a sense of European citizenship and remaining focused on the problems of the European Union. The selection of the voluteers will be without any specific requirement. The mission just ask the volunteer to: - be open minded and to adapt - That it can adapt to a new environment - Can learn to work in teams and get involved in the project and be motivated to take initiatives - Loving children - Be open to learn new things , be creative - Have a base of French and /or English. EVS compulsory insurance will be underwritten by the sending organization . Upon arrival it will be supported by the coordinating organization and subsequently by the host organization. The volunteer will be supervised and guided during service by the tutors mentors of the Coordinating association and Hosting organization, one mentor by the village and mentor by Chisinau, the capital , where it will come during the weekend. Weekly meetings will be held in the Gymnasium with the tutor and the Director to assess and analyze the flow of objectives achieved. Also, once a month tutors of two partner organizations, the volunteer and mentors will meet to provide an update on the service of volunteer. The main activities of the volunteer will be : - The creation of different workshops : music, theater, sports , foreign languages, dance, literature, etc. - The creation and participation in the organization of festivals and various events within the school - The creation and participation in the organization of the various themed exhibitions - Participation in the organization of campaigns to promote health, respect for nature , European citizenship - Participation in the internal life of the school : events, events, meetings, etc. The volunteer does not replace a professional but will support teachers. His help will be of real value. Upon arrival, the volunteer will be informed of the possibility of obtaining a Youthpass certificate that will be offered at the end of its service. This project will contribute to the promotion of voluntary, non - formal education, inclusion of youth in cooperation. Volunteer and other participants in the project will gain a unique personal and professional experience in working together in the European mind. As far as the volunteer and members of partner organizations will provide more information and supports to young people, other organizations, youth associations, who would like to participate or contribute to the EVS project possible. Through this project more people will know the EVS service and opportunities that the EU offers to youngs and associations. Also, the project will improve the communication on the activities, projects and objectives of partner organizations and help develop volunteering . With the help of our EVS volunteer, we can inform more people about the activities and events Gymnasium of Horodiste. In the future this project will open the possibility of attracting a public more and more diversified.

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