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Building capacity of Serbian Agricultural Education to link with Society
Start date: Dec 1, 2013,

CaSA, coordinated by University of Belgrade, will strengthen links between higher education and society by building capacity of all five Serbian Faculties of Agriculture (FA) to improve teachers’ competences in pedagogic skills and in their ability to provide eLearning in-service vocational training courses for agricultural secondary school (AMS) teachers and experts in extension services (ES). Networking of all stakeholders in agricultural education and project sustainability are ensured by creating a National Repository for Agricultural Education (NaRA). Courses will be held at each FA in e-learning for university staff and for both university and AMS teachers in active teaching/learning (ATL), to be given by experts from Education Forum. ATL is important for both groups of teachers as they had no pedagogical training during their graduate courses. University teachers will develop and implement classical and online vocational courses targeting recent advances in agriculture for AMS teachers and agronomists in ES, in collaboration with Universities from Maribor and Foggia. NaRA will be formed with help from the Agricultural University, Timisoara. NaRA will be used as a repository for online courses and teaching resources developed during trainings of university and AMS teachers. CaSA will also provide skills training to ES specialists for effective farmer communication in project proposals and impact by experts from Balkan Security Network and university teachers. Project deliverables will be stored and available in the NaRA for future users. Sustainability of NaRA will be ensured beyond the project by recognition of the Republic of Serbia Ministries of Education, Science and Technological Development, and Agriculture, with some courses being commercialized, and project databases, professional forums, and relevant information remaining updated and open access. Management of NaRA will be regulated by an Agreement between universities and other project partners.

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