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Building bridges to the contemporary European labour market
Start date: Jun 15, 2016, End date: Jun 14, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The majority of students in the Evening Technical Vocational School of Giannitsa come from disadvantaged population groups that failed to integrate smoothly into the educational process, are unemployed, members of single-parent families, economic migrants, have low school performance, reduced skills development opportunities and increased dropout rates from school. They wish to gain substantial educational qualifications to complete their personality and improve socio-economically.The acquisition of professional knowledge and skills enhances their probability of finding a job. Since there is often a gap between the skills offered and acquired in schools and those enterprises are looking for, school has to develop a set of actions that are aimed at addressing problems such as lack of opportunities in the province to promote modern trends in students' specialist subjects, the absence of extensive training programs after basic education and so on, and create a development framework for them, that enhances their possible influx into the labor market.The proposal, entitled «Building bridges to the contemporary European labor market», concerns the mobility of 30 students from 6 different specializations (Finance Administration, Information Technology, Agriculture, Health and Welfare, Engineering , Vehicle) and 4 escort - teachers ( in two streams )from the Evening Vocational School of Giannitsa , that will last 14 days plus the two day travel. Students will watch closely (job shadowing), in partner companies in Italy, employees who have special knowledge to perform tasks in their area of expertise. They will see what obligations and responsibilities are related to their future profession, they will learn what knowledge, skills and level of education are required for the job , they will see in practice the new trends and technological developments.They will be offered the opportunity to work with professionals and international level technicians,experience their working culture and be transferred from the role of the student to that of a professional, resulting in their personal maturation.The students:-will acquire knowledge, professional skills and qualifications, necessary supplies to reclaim a job on their field of study , in a highly competitive job market.-will develop professional culture correspondent to that of the professionals they will work with and possibly will generate innovative ideas for future services and businesses.-they will strengthen their background in order to better address not only their business problems, but those of life in general.-Significant impact is expected on : a) the development of their language skills, b) the cultivation of their cultural background (culture), c) their personal development , by strengthening a sense of European citizenship, improving tolerance to diversity and boosting their self-esteem .As far as escort teachers are concerned, it will help them to upgrade the quality of their educational work, will contribute to their training and professional development and stimulate their interest in lifelong learning.The relationships between students and teachers will improve significantly and the school community will become more receptive and friendly towards industry and businesses.The YouNet has extensive experience not only as a receiving agency but also as intermediary in the field of mobility of students and EU staff, welcoming over 400 students and teachers every year. It has greeted and mediated in dozens of mobility programs Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus +.The role of the educational institution is to efficiently carry out the mobility as well as the technical support before, during and after the seminar.Mobility will include experiential activities, short interactive lectures, discussions, group work and visiting innovative enterprises. Practices that can be applied in our country will be highlighted, in order to help young people's transition from unemployment to work. Communication with the Shipping Agency will be constant before, during and after the seminar.Participants in the action plan will inform the school community both informally and formally by organizing relevant training in cooperation with the Department of Secondary Education of Pella. The school website will be updated and there will be publications on both the Action Plan and the importance of developing knowledge and skills in educational blogs together with presentations in educational conferences.
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