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Building A Team
Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Oct 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project "Building A Team"By the summer of 2015 we established a network of organizations who are working with and for the same people as we do. Youngsters who have fewer opportunities or that are hold back because: social obstacles, emotional and behaviour issues, ... Every organization would come with 1 leader and 4 participants, 2 or 3 of these participants would be facing social obstacles or emotional and behaviour issues, none of these participants would be able to go abroad without these type of projects.Together with the other organizations we wrote a project during the summer.A project that would stand for integration, inclusion, emancipation and participation. Two visions were at least in common.Every organization was working with youngsters who are facing difficulties in their lives. Youngsters find music- acitivities a solution to communication - issues. It has took us a while to established a team of teachers, social workers, psychologists and more to help on the project.There will be a course about how to interact with youngsters who have emotional or behaviour issues, how to establish a relationship without judgement. This is a topic we all found interesting and would help us start in the summer of 2016.The activities that we made were also because of the combined ideas everyone had.EU - awareness and intercultural learning :National diner - The hosting organization will provide the ingredients and every other day a country will cook their diner together with the other participants and teach them.National presentation:We also would do a national presentation. A national presentation would provide all the other countries insight in their differences and simmilarities, in their culture and more. We would do this after the national diners, this would make it unique. Music - related :Writing songs and music - Because expressing themselves is a better form of communication for people whom are facing social obstacles we brainstormed about what we could do with music. We came up with activities where every individual could have an input, one of the youngsters already told us that they wanted to make a song with every language in it. This seemed to every organization a great idea and provides also EU - awareness.Djembe and choir - Two of the countries involved came up with making a Djembe or percussionsong with the participants, to express theirselves in musical way without bodylanguage or spoken language. Belgium asked to have a choir to make everyone aware that we are in fact building a team.Making attributions for the stage, make a story out of music - cartoons. Make publicity of the performance.We would give 2 performances during the project. 1 in a concerthall and 1 in a retirement home. This is to help the youngsters put themselves outthere, if they would never do that as individual than that day would be the chance to take a step forward and do it as a group. That's why the partners asked to name the project "We Are Family".Free Time:Going to the City and Overmere's Swimmingpool : The youngsters need to be able to express themselves out of the borders of the projectplace too. They need to do the same when they get home as they would do on the projectplace. Be respectfull, help each-other, communicate and have responsibility.This project is about expressing themselves, about their selfdevelopment, about inclusion and about how to work with others without feeling that you are left behind because you have emotional or behaviour issues. And make the world aware that we are standing stronger when we are united. EU - awareness is garanteed. Every evening there will be a reflection and this is important for us. Participants who would want to speak privately can go to the host for a talk about their issues. The others would all be divided in groups and talk about what they thought about the day, what they have learned, what they would like to change, what they would want to do again and much more ideas and reflections.This would lead us directly to the youthpass as well, the last days the youngsters will fill in a document about what they have achieved during the project and at the end every youngsters and leader will get their individual youthpass.Results :We hope we could bring some attention of the media on these type of projects. As well as your attention for all who is reading this. There are so many people who can't travel because of so many things and this network of organizations thinks that we should try to change it. We would write to the newspapers, radiostations, ask for some television - production team. We will also try to bring our project abroad, make a presentation and sent it to our partners so they can show our project. We have a website with photo's of our project and more, how will be discussed on the APV.On longer terms we hope that we can establish at the end of our project a project that would follow up this one.
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