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Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jul 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

A1. Study Visit This project brought together 12 professionals from across the Dublin 8 area to participate in a study visit in Scotland.The rationale for this study visit was inspired by the development of the New National Children’s hospital in the Dublin 8 area. The agreed aim for the study visit was to explore “community benefits clauses “ with a view to securing training and employment opportunities for young people with fewer opportunities in the Dublin 8 area, in the context of the new Children's Hospital development. Community Benefits are a generic term for advantages for communities, especially disadvantaged communities arising out of public procurement. An important, but not the only element of Community Benefits, are Community Benefit Clauses (CBCs). The most common benefit is training and employment opportunities for those marginalized within the community particularly in terms of education and the labour market. We took a "cross sectoral" strategic approach to selecting participants for this study visit. We wanted to include a variety of organizations who could work strategically together into the future.The participants were all people who have the power to make decisions relating to young people on a daily basis. They have a long history of working in the Dublin 8 community and most importantly they care about the young people in Dublin 8 and wanted to find innovative ways to work together. The profile of the Irish participants involved in the study visit is as follows: (Full profile attached) Janice Mc Garry St. Michael’s Youth Project Project Manager International trainer for the Erasmus + Youth In Action Programme Joe Donoghue Fatima regeneration project, Manager Responsible for the management and development of F2 activities in the Fatima community Manus Bree Barnardos Regeneration Project Coordinator with Dolphin House & Park Joint Regeneration Board in which is includes a social regeneration remit focusing on the training, education and employment needs of residents. John Pollock National Children's hospital, Director construction and community gains Responsible for the development of the new National Children’s Hospital Peter Dorman Community Action Network, Manager Working with the Dublin 8 community to identify emerging issues and support them to work together to facilitate change. Deirdre Reid Department of social protection, Training manager Liz Sullivan CDETB, Development and education officer Manage support grants for development activities with young people/ Brian Kenny Canals Community Partnership, Manager The Canal Communities Partnership is a local development company which address problems of disadvantage and social exclusion in the communities of Bluebell, Island bridge, Inchicore, Rialto and Kilmainham Aoife Hannon St. Michaels Regeneration, Development manager Responsible for the development of the regeneration programme in St. Michaels Estate. Bruce Phillips Dublin City Council, Development manager The organizations visited over the 2 days are as follows: (full timetable attached) New South Glasgow Hospital Project Glasgow Clyde College Day 2 Jobs and Business Glasgow Community Enterprise in Scotland Clyde Gateway Some of the key learning points from the group are as follows: We need to lobby the government agencies and the politicians to make the necessary changes needed to the current legislation to include community benefit clauses in the tenders. I presume we have already lost the opportunity of including it at the planning/design phase. We can site Glasgow as the working example of this, I think our demographics would be similar enough. We need a community benefit focused position, funded by the HSE to drive the community benefit aspect of the project, we need this in place very soon as we want to gain maximum benefit, if this project starts out with a positive inclusion and expectation of community benefit, then it is much more likely to materialize. The people in Glasgow learnt as a result of their endeavors with the hospital project and the new legislation discovered that community benefit could also be gained in the day to day services provided to the hospital, and that this would probably be much more sustainable. For example they quoted (I think) 650m for the hospital build, 450 million in services/products supplied to the hospital per year. It would make a lot of sense to capitalise on this gain as quickly as possible and it may be from this that the position could be funded in the present. Maybe one of the pharmaceutical companies???? We need to learn about procurement and the rules and regulations surrounding it to discover how we can use them to our best advantage. We need to gather the skills information upon which the, what is needed, what is available and then we need to look at how to bridge the gap using all the resources availa
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