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Build your future! Be a volunteer!
Start date: Mar 15, 2015, End date: Sep 14, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“Built your future! Be a volunteer!” will take place in Prilep, Macedonia, and will involve 3 youngsters, one from France and 2 from Romania for a perioud of service of 12 months from 1 april 2015 to 31 march 2016. The project aims to promote volunteering as an important tool to gain life skills and abilities useful for the successful integration on the working environment for the 3 EVS volunteers and local youngsters. They will develop skills in the areas of communication and coordination of non-formal activities useful for their professional and personal development and also knowledge and skills in writing projects within the Erasmus+ programme (K1 Mobility of young people). The EVS volunteers together with the local volunteers will learn how to advocate themselves, to help, innovate and be part of positive changes in their community. In this way, they will participate in the construction of the future of Europe, because they will adopt an attitude and gain skills which will allow Europe in the future to have active citizens. The participants are young people (aged 18 -30) who are facing the problem of unemployment. The EVS volunteers will present to the local youngsters information about the European mobility programmes according to their own experience as EVS volunteers. They will share information about their cultures in order to understand the cultural diversity within Europe and increase tolerance among young people from different countries. All the activities of our project have European dimension. They will promote European citizenship, identity, tolerance; they will raise awareness about volunteering and exchange different cultural experiences. The activities will encourage participants to reflect on European topics and to involve them in the construction of Europe. The methods used in our activities will be participatory and non-formal methods. Through them we want to create space for interaction of participants and sharing of ideas and make the learning process easier, allow participants to undertake their own analyses, including reflections on their own learning outcomes or on the impact on organization and the community. At the end of the EVS we expect the participants to be aware about the importance of volunteering, to acquire skills, competences and knowledge, which they will be able to contribute to social, professional or personal development. The youngsters will be motivated to be actively involved at a local and European level. They will become more active and will share their knowledge and skills further to the Macedonian youngsters in the local community We will create multipliers at a local and European level, because after their EVS the volunteers will go in their home countries, use their acquired skills and share their knowledge with youngsters from their countries that are not directly involved in the project but they will be indirect beneficiaries.
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