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Start date: Jan 1, 2013,

Please give a short description of your project (approximately 10-15 lines). Please note that if your project is approved, this paragraph may be used for publication. Therefore be accurate and include the venues, the type of EVS project, the themes, the objectives, the duration of the Service(s) (in months), the countries involved, the number of volunteers, the implemented activities and the methods applied. This summary should be completed in English, French or German, regardless of which language you use to fill in the rest of this application. Please be concise and clear.Olde Vechte Foundation is training and coaching centre. Our goal is to support and empower people to acknowledge and achieve their potential in order to improve the quality of their lives. We want to put this vision and our experience with sending and hosting EVS in this project as well. It is a long term EVS project, with 9 volunteers coming from Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Croatia, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, and Romania for a period of 12 months. Two of the participants did a Short term group evs in the summer of 2012 with the Olde Vechte. All of the participants are coming from different social and cultural backgrounds. The theme of the project is employability through learning by experience method. Our objectives during the project are:• To get them acquainted to the Dutch culture in order to increase their cultural understanding of the European Union and create a sense of European citizenship. This will be done while working together with Dutch volunteers and with the local community of Ommen where the Foundation is rooted.• To provide them with activities and opportunities to develop their work style, communication skills, self -confidence, skills that they later need in finding a job• To challenge them to develop and follow a learning plan during their EVS • To encourage them to take active part in running the Foundation, organizing and running youth programmes, exchanges and international trainings. In this way they have a stronger international experience and a deeper understanding and practice of entrepreneurship.• To create learning situations in which the volunteers need to find their own creative solutionsWe offer a playing field to the volunteers and we expect an active attitude from them. The method we are using is learning by doing and the activities are of a wide variety. We mostly leave space for the volunteers to create their own plan of activities that will suit their learning goals during the EVS project, as long as they still fit the EVS programme.
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