"Build up your future"
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 30 Apr 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Build up your future" was an international training course under the Key Action 1 of the Erasmus+ Program on topic of youth active participation and development of responsible civil society attitude for effective engagement of young people within their local communities. The training course has been held during 7 days in Rimini, Italy. The project has gathered youth workers and NGO representatives coming from 12 different countries. The main aim of the project was to empower youth workers and other civil society activists by helping them to build up competences for achieving more effective youth involvement in local civic initiatives. Also the training course aimed at enabling the target group to use accordingly all available instruments for youth participation within their local communities by developing entrepreneurial spirit and sense of initiative among the young people. Project objectives were:  To provide information about the process of participation of young people in society in general and the benefits of their engagement  To develop a common understanding about the concept of youth participation and to explore instruments for its promotion among groups of young people at local and regional level  To develop the participants knowledge about the key principles of youth participation and how to apply them  To explore how youth work is beneficial for young people regarding the development of entrepreneurial spirit and sense of initiative  To encourage exchange of good practices and to foster partnerships  To improve participants’ skills in the field of project management and to develop new ideas for local actions and future follow up joint initiatives The lateral objectives of this training course consisted in strengthening the participants' attitude to act as multipliers of the gained knowledge and best practices exchanged during the course through their organizations and within their local communities. The training brought together youth workers, leaders and civil society activists from different countries giving them the opportunity to learn, share and improve various means and methods of working in the youth field. The course contributed to increase their civic commitment, entrepreneurial spirit and encouraged participants to disseminate the project results through their actions via active youth work on local and international level. It also has provided the target group with the chance to foster partnerships for their organizations at international level and to develop new youth projects. The training was based on the specific needs of the participants and their organizations and was held through highly interactive and participatory approach. The main part of the training course was provided in the form of practical sessions through non-formal education methodologies. The project results refered that participants have developed knowledge, skills and attitudes in terms of teamwork, communication and effective use of non-formal educational methods in their work with young people within their organizations. The target group has gained practical experience in the management of project ideas and implementation of civic initiatives in order to achieve sustainable and lasting effects regarding the enhancement of youth participation within their communities. The training course has strengthened the cohesion among the partner organizations, leading to lasting positive effect and results in terms of future large-scale joint activities. Several future youth projects and events on local, national and international level have been developed as follow up actions. Thus, further improvement of international cooperation and consolidation of partnerships has been achieved in a long term frame, through the dissemination of information among young people and institutions working in the field of youth, within the local communities, through dialogue and involvement of new stakeholders in joint projects, through informational campaigns, as well as through all follow up activities developed out of the present project.


11 Partners Participants