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Start date: Jul 1, 2014, End date: Feb 28, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BUILD EUROPE THROUGH SPORTS project is a multilateral youth exchange that will involve 36 participants from Romania, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Greece, 5 young people and a group leader from each promoter, which will take place from 11 to 19 August 2014 in Ramnicu Sarat, Romania. The project idea emerged as reaction to the present situation at European level in most countries in which the importance of sports is minimized because of weak involvement of central and local authorities, schools, too high taxes to access some sports fields, so young people are forced to go away from the sport. The purpose of the project in a positive matter, is the promotion of mass sports and a healthy lifestyle developed through activities that involve both physical development actors and the socio -professional. The objectives of the BEST youth exchange are: Objective 1 - Increase awareness of the importance of practicing the mass sports and outdoor games of 36 young people from Romania, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Poland and Slovenia, through activities undertaken in Ramnicu Sarat, Romania between 11 - 19 August, 2014 ; Objective 2 - Increase the involvement of young people in sports and leisure by conducting outdoor games by 36 young people ; Objective 3 - Developing intercultural communication of the 36 young people through intercultural recovery activities to promote social attitudes based on tolerance, equality, fairness, non-discrimination, solidarity, cohesion, mutual respect; Selected activities in order to achieve the objectives and aim are based on methods and tools of non - formal education, as follows: workshops to practice some sports like football, handball, badminston, foot tennis, street ball, darts, ball throwing, mission Impossible, all serving to stimulate and drive to promote youth involvement in grassroots sport. Moreover these outdoor activities will take place in order to produce a community impact, mass effect that ultimately will produce positive change in the mentality of the citizens. From the methodological point of view, we chose to use non – formal and informal as a way of voluntary involvement of young people from the six countries in the development and acquisition of skills which supports young people in their development and evolution. In this regard, alongside workshops will be used other methods, such as: Motivational Seminars/Presentations to promote basic principles that young people should know and use them in practice and understanding of the importance of sport and the values it promoted such as fairness, responsibility, respect, equality, self-confidence, non -discrimination, communication, altruism, etc. Other methods to be used for activities scheduled are : teambuilding, round tables, reflection Grups, midterm and final evaluation, treasure hunt, traditional and intercultural evenings, energizers, know each other games, and more. All these methods will lead to a better representation of youth involvement in decision -making, an approach of the authorities and the creation of new mentalities and solid structures to support grassroots sport in Europe as a result of partnership ehich will bring common interests of representation and promotion of six European partners. Thematically speaking the results will be translated into a mass sports promotion, new mentalities and patterns among youth in the youth field. Targeted impact due the implementation of the youth exchange will be an experienced multi directly one felt by the target group of young people who will develop some new skills coming from Youthpass range, while indirectly will benefit from the project: organizations, local communities of developers - the real long-term beneficiaries, media, European community, teachers, parents of young people, local authorities and other. On Long-term the results will consist of a greater attention offered by the authorities and schools for the youth need to practice sports in order to create new programs and structures representing the interests of young people who want to give dynamism for their life through sport. On the other hand, on long-term the local community will be be awared of the importance of values transmitted through sport, approached by our project which will guide our children and youth to practice the mass sports, whatever the chosen branch so that the community will grow in principles, morality and integrity.
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