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Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Lélektér Foundation has been working with youth for 10 years. Our main aim is the prevention of the youth, harm reduction, personality and skill development, online guidance, trainings as well as organising courses for parents and educators. We are coordinating the professional programs of the Youth House of Veszprém since 2014. In this application we are taking part as a coordinating NGO, two kindergartens are receiving volunteers with our help.We have been known in our field quite a while, ever since our experts participated in trainings or youth exchanges, so clearly we cultivate good relationships with volunteer sending organisations. The sending organisations add relevant experiences for the success of the program.That need on the part of the recieving organisations is conceived before that they are interested in hosting EVS volunteers. This need has been vivified by this project.As part of the project, we will coordinate volunteers during the 1 year length of the project. The English language kindergarten will host 2 volunteer while the German language kindergarten will host 3 volunteers between the ages of 18-30. On the part of the Foundation 4 people are working for the success of the program. We provide a social worker in supervisory capacity, a drug preventional expert, moreover a children and youth expert who is organizing the meeting of the partners of the project, responsible for the coordinating tasks and taking care of giving the tasks for the colleagues.The mentor is a social expert, trainer who puts great emphasis on the social-mental caring too which reinforces the personality of the person and focuses on stabilizing the circumstances. Also responsible for the integration and self development of the volunteer.The EVS coordinator is a former EVS volunteer who is a proficient English speaker and is highly trained in the creation and development of the national and international connections. She is the person who keeps in touch with the sending and receiving organisations and helps with the personal affairs and problems of the volunteers. In their free-time, the local mentor helps with the integration of the volunteers and getting to know the host city. On behalf of the kindergartens, qualified kindergarten teachers will work with the volunteers, all of them are proficient German or English speakers.On behalf of the receiving organisations, all the volunteers will work with two kindergarten teachers at the same time, nevertheless in order to reach the goals, the leaders of the kindergarten will take part of the helping process as well.The five volunteers will communicate in English and German, helping the everyday lives of the kindergartens and children. Besides the routine tasks, they will organize developing activities in foreign language for preschool children mainly (language teaching, creative play, manipulatives, etc.). They will popularize the Erasmus+ programs in high schools on a weekly base. Monthly, we will organize public tea afternoons where we create the opportunity for the volunteers to meet, exchange of experience and provide information for people who are interested in EVS.The project ensures the opportunity for the volunteers to develop their facilities and competences. We support them to effectuate their own ideas, we motivate them to take part in community activities, whereby their personal development will be ensured.The aim of our project is to provide the opportunity for the two mentioned kindergartens to work with foreign volunteers who will add diversity to their programs. For the volunteers these will be great opportunitie to find situations where they can develop their facilities and to experience their self development.By extension, we strongly believe that international collaborations, transmission and reception of good practices, facilitating of common thinking, social inclusion and strengthening well-being are all important characteristics of a well managed project. We consider our task to help the youngsters, who are in connection with us, in the way of becoming active, conscious citizens and expanding the person's knowledge which is connected to his/her EU citizenship.The expected results of the project is that the arriving volunteers will develop their personal competences and they will mediate their personally experienced developments through the two external programs after the arrive to their countries to their home mediums. They will popularize in this way the EVS programs.The connections between the partners will strengthen which includes the possibility of collaboration in the future, which will support the exchange of the good practices, thereby they support the professional development of all the partners.The Erasmus+ program is becoming more popular by the volunteers' external activities and by the kindergartens' systematic press release, these serve as purposes to give news for the locals in Veszprém County about the Erasmus programs.

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