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Budding Entrepreneurs Running School
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project " Budd.E.R.S. " is thought to center the issues of lifelong learning and entrepreneurial education while representing a strategic tool to fight early living and education failure: the proposal is based on the assumption that schools should train students to move around the world and the various difficulties of life, first of all research and job creation . Being able to reinvent , recycle, re-orient all along the student's life is a key skill that a school cannot refrain from transmitting . Budd.E.R.S. proposes to organize an integrated training system that can offer to the students the opportunity to enter the lifelong learning system, to get directly in touch with the job market, enabling them to realize their potential and skills and better understand their interests and limitations, developing skills learning from practical experience and learning to communicate and work in an international team . In addition, it aims to build an orientation on job search based on analysis capabilities and motivations, to overcome the traditional methods of teaching and guiding young people in the acquisition of autonomy and capacity , starting from concrete facts , restructuring the educational teaching techniques . The project lasts 24 months and involves 8 European countries ( Italy , Germany, Denmark , Poland, Romania , Bulgaria , Turkey, France ) for a total of 240 students aged between 13 and 19 years and 23 teachers in 4 main activities : - Analysis of propensities and attitudes towards entrepreneurship ; - Analysis of the socio-economic context , research of business opportunities and definition of the business idea ; - Lifelong Guidance - Drawing up business plans, business creation " in the lab," business game . In order to achieve its objectives , Budd.E.R.S. provides 5 coordination meetings between teachers and one short-term mobility of students that will be held in Milan in September 2015 during EXPO : the promoters have felt it was important to seize the invaluable learning opportunity provided by the International Exposure organizing a week of activities in the heart of the international business community that an event of this scope inevitably creates around him. Three output products will be created: a storyboard handbook , a study on methodologies and statistical analysis of the data collected , a portfolio of skills acquired by students during the activities that will also serve as certification together with the Europass documents . The project will have an impact on students, teachers and stakeholders. Students directly involved in the project will develop new social skills and communication, accountability, resourcefulness, flexibility, stress management, problem solving, team work , flexibility, awareness of their strengths and limitations , programming skills and management, hospitality and tolerance towards different cultures in a true perspective of creating the "European citizen " . The project will have a fundamental impact on the creation of a new generation of entrepreneurs which implies that , in a not too distant future , a greater capacity for the entire Europe to get out of the crisis will be built, by creating jobs and stimulating innovation and competitiveness. Teachers will become familiar with innovative teaching methodologies , integrated at the European level , based on a massive use of web-based technologies and techniques of non-formal learning ( learning by doing , and cooperative learning ) . Stakeholders and policy-makers will be sensitized to the understanding of the importance of the use of the non-formal learning methods , innovative learning pathways , a student-oriented approach , in order to open scenarios of support from the local authorities' to other initiatives aimed at testing , developping or replicating project about entrepreneurial education of the students. Budd.E.R.S. aims to produce long-lasting results on the cultural approach that both students as teachers adopt in their relationship with the job market and teaching techniques . Participation in the activities planned will take effect , hopefully , throughout the life of the students on their ability to get involved, to reinvent , to be flexible to the needs of the labor market and better prepared to face the challenges of life as well as respect for diversity and integration of the other, and in the awareness of the importance of being active European citizens .
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