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BU.S.S.O.L.A. - Good Structures and Guidance Systems for Learning

The BU.S.S.O.L.A. project aims at contributing towards the innovation of training procedures and in particular at implementing a skills review for young people. As a part of this skills review, the project will compare existing related national and legal frameworks, will analyse the potential application of regulations across the different countries and by the different types of actors, will establish a website to act as a forum and will establish existing good practice at European level. The project aims to integrate existing national practice and to thus establish a common European model / approach for those implementing skills reviews. End results of the project will comprise a range of printed materials, a CD-Rom and a dedicated project website. Dissemination activities are planned to include the release of articles on specialist press, the hosting of workshops and seminars and networking with relevant actors through the piloting of the newly developed common model. Project beneficiaries are education and vocational training professionals, vocational counsellors and individual young people.
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