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Brux'Al Andalus
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Philosophy to live together ( medieval Andalusia was the first rule of law. The Arab philosophers who lived there had to separate religion from politics and science ) . Background: with a group of fifteen young Brussels from a popular district of Brussels, in the low economic level, the average education but are at risk of dropping out, all aged between 16 and 22 years , the goal is to create a philosophy café within their district in a neighborhood house simultaneously sharing this unique experience ( in Molenbeek- Saint-Jean) with a youth in Granada evolving in a similar environment . A transnational meeting is scheduled between l1 / 10/2015 and 07/11/2015 to share the experience with a partner in the project itself the general objectives of mainly public- train the young to respect the rights and freedoms fundamental and the exercise of tolerance and freedom within the democratic principles of living together , peace , cooperation and solidarity . Young people want to advance social harmony of the Andalusian civilization. It has existed and flourished for eight centuries, it is not a myth ... The latter has had an undeniable impact on philosophy on the following civilizations. The main tool to achieve the goal is the creation of a philosophical coffee in the communal area Heyvaert House . In connection with the great Andalusian philosophers, it will be a meeting place for debate, reflection and questioning the current company to relocate us ( young and old , from all corners of Brussels) deal with contemporary social issues . Also, we will not ignore the darkest episodes of this civilization which led to its decline.objectives:- Achieving a goal of mobilizing motivation for the creation of a philosophical coffee in the Heyvaert neighborhood home . This should , prior to its launch , educate youth issues and present evils related to living together ( secularism, interfaith and intercultural dialogue , discrimination in all its forms ) .- From the first sessions of the tool " café philo " achieve objective knowledge by participating in themed evenings philosophical coffee. By revisiting the Andalusian civilization ( its contributions , his interest , his influence on the European continent ) by learning philosophy , this should generate interest in historical knowledge (understanding , analyzing , associate ) to relocate and finally we are sending.- A target of expertise within the rules of the philosophy café deconstruct , reconstruct ideologies , beliefs , myths , prejudices and other stereotypes by questionnant- by relying questionnaire should enable young people to practice the art of speech and argument from the start of "Café Brux'Al Andalus ".- An objective of knowing how to be : at the end of the project , having invested in a brand new group advocating the mix (gender and social) being around respecting other cultures, beliefs and philosophies, participated in the creation a movement for the plurality " philosophers friends" , young people should be able to open up more about the world while being forearmed against any form of literalist and extremist ideologies.Method used : philosophy in the service of living together with such methodology, " problematization " question and work the issue , assumptions and not truths , learn to dialogue , the Socratic method , an animation method, simplicity and conciseness of mind.Outcomes, impacts and benefits to product: impact on mixed gender and culture, develop civic actions in favor of living together to reduce tensions and increase tolerance between faiths , exiting the philosophy of its academic setting , instill citizen reflection without prejudice or stereotypes for better prospects of life in the future, the first experience of philosophy café in parallel with a transnational partner located within the expert formerly home on secularism will educate , raise awareness , the 15 young people, so that in their laps , they mobilize and lasting commitment on the issue of living together. An intergenerational transmission channel it will maintain / save / protect so that it perpetuates the long term. The effects on the target audience will quickly sometimes visible on the other medium-term and some not until a few years. Ultimately ensure that most young people are responsible citizens of tomorrow and transmit the sa
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