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Broadening our minds: Brainlingual education
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our Project is called "Broadening our minds: Brainlingual education" and it is to be applied in Newton-Salas Secondary School in Villanueva de la Torre, province of Guadalajara, in the Castilla-La Mancha region. There are eight teachers directly involved in this project. They have been selected according to clear suitability criteria. Three of the teachers involved are part of the School Board (two of them are the School Deputies and the other is a teacher and also the School Secretary). Another three teachers are Heads of different departments (Language and Literature, Biology and Geology and English). Finally, all of the English Department is included (one of the teachers in this department is also the Teacher Training Coordinator. Some teachers speak other languages such as German, Italian, French and Swedish. The activities that we are going to carry out include teacher trainning and/or job shadowing in different countries so that we can acquire knowledge from different perspectives. They respond to our school´s main needs: 1) teacher development; 2) new teaching methodologies (CLT, TBS, learner-centered approach and the use of ICT in the classroom); 3) changes in the curriculum management and department programmes; 4) international perspective; 5) leadership, entrepreneurship, initiative and student employability. Each of the activities that have been programmed for has its own specific purpose: • "One week course for teachers of Science making science more attractive" A course for teachers of science that focuses on new methodologies and a new approach to teaching science in English. • Arduino Verkstad School in Mälmo (Sweden). Combining training and peer observation, it is an opportunity to learn about Robotics and teaching technology in English. • "Structured study visit to schools/Institutes & training seminar in Finland". English Matters, S.L. Through peer observation the teacher will acquire knowledge of a different education system that will provide us with new ideas that we can include in our curriculum • Oxford english language teacher´s academy summer school. This is a teacher development course for English teachers to introduce new methodologies and training, which will be a contribution to the development of the English department and consequently have an effect in the foreign language development in the whole school. • “Creative Methodology”, ADC College, Harrow, UK. • " The sense of beauty and innovation: modern learning environments" The content of the last two courses is geared towards the need to approach new inspiring teaching ideas. "Curso para profesores de Artes plásticas, International Study Programmes, CLIL course for teachers of Art, ISP, Colchester.
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