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Broad Sweeps of Imagination: A new method to teach a foreign language

The aims of the BSI project are to prepare, test-implement and refine a TeacherTraining Course for in-service teachers in foreign languages that has as an objective tospeak up the effectiveness of an innovative method which we call Broad Sweeps ofImagination (BSI) and to disseminate it in wider European context.The method combines different approaches and techniques for learning new informationand for foreign language teaching that, combined in an integrated set has proven theireffectiveness for rapid building of communicative skills in the foreign language learners.The BSI method combines visual elements ('clumsy pictures') and approaches that giveopportunity to learners to harmonize their previous learning with the recent ones.In addition to its effectiveness for communicative foreign language learning, BSI methodfosters multicultural awareness, intercultural competencies and respect towards thevalues of the other cultures, integrated in the foreign language learning process.The BSI project gathered together partners from Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy and Romaniaand will be carried out in two years.Besides the Teacher Training Course for in-service teachers in foreign languages theproject is aimed at cascading the BSI method to teachers who teach great variety offoreign languages, at creating of network of trained foreign language teachers who willfurther act as disseminators of the innovative method, developing and adapting it to theireducational practices, and not the least - at elaborating of Guideline book on BSIMethod for Foreign Language Teachers that will encompass the basic principles of theBSI method. Information for resources which teachers in different foreign languagescould use in their work based on the BSI method and the experience which will begained in the process of the international collaboration in the frames of the currentproject.The efforts of the project partner-institutions will be backed up by a specially created eplatformwhich will support their work by providing opportunity for on-line advice andexchange of comments, opinions and supporting materials, as well as for collectingfeedback on the transferability and applicability of the BSI method.
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