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BRNO - Be Ready for the New Opportunities
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

With the project BRNO (Be Ready for the New Opportunities) we want to provide a quality study visit for the international group of youth workers. The study visit programme gathers a compilation of the activities that are about to reflect the opportunities youth workers are nowadays able to take in Luzanky and in organizations it cooperates with. Luzanky is the organisation experienced in work with children and youth, as well as in hosting the line of the international volunteers. The organizations Luzanky cooperates with are the Museum of Romani Culture, Alliance Francaise, Lipka and Siska. All of these organizations share the same point of the interest in ther work with Luzanky - work with children and youth, but also concentrate on the work on some of the specific fields. Given that way, Luzanky and the rest of the listed organisations are in the perfect ability to provide a quality programme that would expose all the learning opportunities to the group of the international youth workers. The major objectives of the project are to potentiate and encourage the participants in their work with children and youth, as well as their personal growth by promoting the ideas of the cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and critical thinking. On the other hand, project would like to induce the possibilities of both side learning, and therefore enable the hosting organisation to gain the new skills and knowledge from the participants. The project will also like to encourage the future collaboration between Luzanky and partner organisations. In total the project will gather the gender balanced group of 16 participants coming from the six different countries and sended by the six different organisations. Most of the participants share similar professional profile of a youth worker actively involved with the work of their sending organisation or other organisation working in this field. The programme of the study visit will be contained of the various activities that will reflect the possibilities that Luzanky and the rest of the organizations are providing to youth and children, as well as the other activities that will be concentrated directly on the group of the participants. Activities will concretely include art, sport and theatre workshops, as well as the line of interactive presentations. The special part will be the visitations of the 4 Luzanky´s branches and of the other organizations (Museum of Romani Culture, Alliance Francaise, Lipka and Siska). Nevertheless, the participants are going to be involved in the line of activities like get to know each other, interactive games and evaluation activities. Presented like that, we consider that BRNO project reflects with all its objectives and planned activities the high potential in achieving the desired outcome of the mobility for youth workers.
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