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British - Austrian Cooperation in a challenged Europe
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 28 Feb 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Europe is changing. New and difficult obstacles are challenging our societies. We perceive that also European youth is getting the notion that the times are growing very uncertain. In this times of refugee crisis, unemployment crisis and radicalisation in society, in this uncertainity we would like to contribute with a series of Youth exchanges on a positive future of Europe. We would like to spread courage and confidence when many are challenged and filled by doubts in values and systems. We are focused to especially strengthen the ones who beside the refugees, children and old people are one of the most vulnerable victims of this difficult times.5 exchanges: 2 in Austria, 3 in the UKdifferent themes, common concernWithin our groups we try to engage young people who are a very particular kind of young people. This ones have had little opportunities in life to engage positive activities, travel and meet other young people outside their country. These now planned exchanges will enable young people to experience a positive life-and learning opportunity and will allow young people to explore (youth) cultural issues that young people from Britain and Austria are facing in our society today. Lack of perspectives, discrimination, unemployment, rural isolation and lack on role models among others do not need to last forever if we work on it.We set up a series of exchanges to allow young people to have a positive European Experience - either away or in their home country.We may even may need to call it an INCLUSION PROJECT (Within project responsibles)as it offers opportunities to all young people. No matter if they face challenges in their lives, will have to make sure that they have a chance to participate in these mobilities.We do not know, how Europe and our countries will develop after the 23rd of June, when the referendum of Britain to stay in or leave the EU is over. From our side we are more for the unifying then the separating spirit.We are very frightened, as we cannot predict what the consequences could be for us, for our countries and Europe.We think, that only cooperation and an European Spirit can solve the current crisis. Sour projects will also provide a forum for young people to make links and work together on projects and outings. We will use a variety of topics and tools such as debates, presentations but also dance, music and the arts. Such an experience will provide the opportunity for young people to gain confidence and increase their self esteem. It will be an effective learning experience and for some young people it will provide them with the first experience of meeting other young people living outside their own country. The programs will also provide learning workshops on what is Youth Culture, where young people are needed in our society and what young people can positively contribute to their communities and societies as a whole. The Objectives of this series of projects are to ensure the participants gain a better understanding ofculture. They will have the opportunity to understand differences and similarities of history and culture in Europe. The program will provide opportunities for young people to get to know each other and have fun working together as a team to create a final performance. The project focuses on people who face exclusion due to different factors (health, poverty, education, rural isolation and unemployment).It is important to mention, that in the UK youth service provision was cut dramtatcally, not many offers for international youthwork can be realized.Only the long lasting partnerships allow us, still to realize one or the other exchange, which would be so desperately needed to combat exclusion, xeno - and Europhobia.This projects are also to back the YES-remaining inititiave. Only a common Europe can assure values and standards. The projects will have same objectives and aims, they will have same and similar issues to tackle, but each project will do that in a different way. One by debatting, one by discovering the region and the other by reflecting on culture. The variety of activities and workshops, which are youth let as much as possible, will be provided for the young people to develop their knowledge around Culture, inclusion and diversity, valuing the differences and similarities within them. But obviously it is pushed by cool elements to improve also skills such as Modern dance, creative sessions as well as workshops music.A lot of the preparation will be done in the groups in their home country already. This on one hand gives the young people the opportunity to share their contributions but also creats an ownership from the very beginning.
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