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Bringing up the children: Who is joining the process?

Bringing up the children: Who is joining the process? The title of our project express the indispensable link between various actors in order to take account of the main interest of the child. After identifying the various actors involved in the educational project we will organise exchanges in order to explain what is the place of these actors and how each of them takes part in this process ? with which method, ways and kind of expression. According to the recommendation of the European council on positive parenting, our project will participate to define a coordinated approach of the place of the children, of the parents and the educational workers who support parents. 4 meetings will take place around 3 issues. One partner is responsible of one issu, but even if each partner is closer of one issue we shall be careful to investigate the process in its entirety The final beneficiaries are the professionals and the parents involved into parenthood activities.

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