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Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Within this project, School for nurses Mlinarska as the applicant wishes to raise the professional knowledge and skills of their students through professional development, with the German partners Stephansstift, which will be responsible for finding a hospital / institution in which students will do their practice. Professional training of the participants will be carried out in March / April 2017 for a period of two weeks.The project will engage 22 students who are educated for nurse / technician for general care, and 2 accompanies teachers. On the mobility period students will be accompanied by two teachers who will be responsible for monitoring and ensuring the implementation of mobility, considering that students are young people. Students who attend the program nurse / technician for general care doing their VET practice for 120 hours after finishing third and fourth grades, which amounts to 320 hours, and fifth grades achieved vocational practice for a period of 240 hours including the final work. Health exercise are organized and and supervised by professional teachers of the School.The main goal of the project is to improve the professional knowledge and to acquire new skills through professional practice in order to strengthen personal development, employability and facilitate transition to the labor market after their vocational education.Specific goal of the project is to transfer the experiences gained during the work placement to other students and to create incentives for lifelong learning and improvement in the future.Through professional training participants wants to meet with vocational education in Germany for program nurse / technician for general care with the special emphasis on geriatric care. This project will gain insight into the knowledge and skills that students receive after finishing their education in Germany, they will get to know with the working conditions and obligations, meet with the regulations and professional standards and as the result of that knowledge they will increase their working competences. Participants will be able to compare two education systems and improve their skills and learning methods.Along professional and vocational skills, the project will contribute to the development of intercultural, personal and language skills. This project should be implemented in order to improve the exchange of good practice and improve vocational education at the School for Nurses Mlinarska which is a leading professional institution for the education of nurses / technicians in Croatia.The entire project will be implemented in three phases, namely: preparation of mobility, mobility implementation and monitoring of the implementation of mobility. The preparation phase of mobility will cover the following activities: Coordinator will develop a plan for implementation of the project, all project participants will be selected according to predefined criteria, coordinator will define a detailed work program with host organization in accordance with interests and objectives of the project. The project coordinator will organize meetings with all project participants and their parents and will inform them about the obligations of participation, partners and documentation. Also, all project participants will be obliged to participate in language and cultural training in order to be prepared for professional training and practice. Partners hosts will carry out activities related to the implementation of the work program, participants accommodation, meals, local transport organization, finding companies / hospitals / health facilities for the performance of professional practice.The implementation phase will include professional training for students in the partner institution Stephansstift in Germany, for a period of two weeks in March/ April 2017. In the evening, partners will organize social and cultural activities in order to participants meet with the foreign country, know their customs, culture and way of life.Monitoring phase will begin immediately upon approval of the project through informing the public about project through the website of the School. Employees, collaborators, students and parents will be informed about the result of the project through bulletin boards, parent-teacher meetings, sessions of teachers' council, hosting events, through conferences, seminars with the participation of staff of the School.Dissemination of the project will be made during all phases of project activities and after the project , and will include dissemination through applicant and partner website and all kinds of different events where participants will disseminate project activities and thus encourage the strengthening and point the importance of vocational education and lifelong learning.
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