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Bringing French to life through stories
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We are an outstanding school that always strives to offer our pupils high quality learning experiences that will inspire them and lead to a lifelong love of learning. We would like to make a fundamental change in our approach to language teaching. We believe that all members of staff in our school should be involved in language teaching, particularly class teachers and teaching assistants. In this way, our provision will become more sustainable, and it will greatly improve our pupils’ learning experience. Languages will become embedded into our curriculum and into our daily routines. Languages will be visible everywhere in Tithe Barn. Children will see that we value language learning and other cultures, and they will understand the relevance and importance of languages to their own lives. We are also very excited about developing a book project as a way to link literacy and language learning, encouraging our children to read French storybooks independently for their own enjoyment. We intend to improve our teaching and learning by introducing new and innovative teaching methods and developing a link with a French school. We will improve our resources and learning environment and make improvements in planning, assessment, transition, cross curricular links. We believe that taking a whole school approach in this way is the most effective way to establish an outstanding model of language teaching in our school. All of these improvements will mean that our school becomes established within our local authority as the hub of support and an example of good practice. To achieve this, we need to build knowledge and capacity for high quality language teaching within our staff, developing and strengthening the role of teaching assistants. In light of the fact that primary school teachers are now required to teach languages, it is essential that our staff are given the opportunity to develop these skills in order to support their professional development and future career options. We want to approach our teaching of French in a meaningful way, with first hand experiences that will bring language learning to life. We envisage developing strong links between language learning and literacy, with a particular focus on using books and storytelling, leading to an annual story sharing festival. Our school is known for its excellent teaching. Therefore, we want our provision of French to also be of this standard so that we are in a position to be able to offer advice and support to others. We need to ensure that we have systems in place such as effective assessment for languages, a high quality learning environment that uses authentic materials and supports pupils’ learning, and clear progression. In addition, we need to focus on establishing a detailed transition programme with our local high school, ensuring the progress made in primary school is recognised and built upon in secondary. We will develop an innovative project in our school over two years involving 17 immersion courses in France, focusing on language improvement, developing cultural knowledge, language teaching methodology and creating links with a French school. As a result of taking part in these courses, all staff will greatly improve their French language ability. They will be able to teach French confidently in their classes and use French as part of their daily routines. They will have much more insight into French culture and will be able to find exciting ways to engage our pupils with cultural activities and cross curricular links. Language and culture will become much more embedded into the daily life of our school. Staff will experience new and innovative teaching ideas leading to outstanding teaching in our school. Pupils will enjoy language learning and there will be clear progression across year groups. This project will have an impact on our school that will be long-lasting. There will be a change in the way we approach our language provision. All staff will be involved in language teaching, leading to a more sustainable model whereby language is embedded into everyday routines and other curriculum areas meaning that learning is reinforced. We will also widen our provision by introducing languages into Key Stage I and increasing our extracurricular provision. Parents and the community will be involved more in the life of the school. There will also be a great impact on the other schools within our cluster and within our local authority as we will ensure that we share our new skills and the good practice we have established with them to offer them support in developing their own language provision.
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