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Bridging the Gap

'Don't wait for a job to come to you - create your own!' has been the key idea driving this Transfer of Innovation project. BTF, in partnership with 5 organisations, adapted an innovative methodology of training & developing entrepreneurs,"The Bridge Model” (TBM), and used it to meet new&established needs in new socio-cultural & linguistic contexts.TBM emerged in the UK from businesses & trainers collaborating to up-skill individuals to run their own businesses – a model which saw over 18 successful enterprises launched in the last 24 months.TBM is an enabling & empowering training methodology consisting of group & 1-on-1 coaching sessions,workshops,access to contemporary information & ongoing support from business experts.It is facilitated by peer-to-peer coaching; integrating the learning experience of business methodology with that of real business initiation&development.Bridging The Gap targeted business/enterprise incubators,employability centres&VETs who engaged with marginalised individuals looking to become entrepreneurs. The TOI saw organisations learn new methods of developing, especially amongst hard-to-reach individuals, the key competencies needed for developing enterprises.The focus was on local people(without formal business experience) to be coached by VET tutors & active entrepreneurs&develop the qualities,experiences,attitudes&skills of business in order to create & operate their own micro-businesses.This coaching enhanced their capacity & capability to operate a successful business & create employment.TBM for Europe will be used by VET trainers working alongside existing entrepreneurs to engage with,coach and develop their learners.BTG involved 6 organisations from EU countries,with an expertise&experience in business incubation & VET training, & who work with target groups made up of hard to reach individuals e,g, youth,migrants,disabled.The aim was to develop,evolve & enhance TBM so it can be used in new socio-cultural environments,new languages and for new target groups. This was achieved&ensured results were relevant,innovative&beneficial to the UK&other EU VET training systems.BTG achieved this through testing,sharing of partner experiences,development of new resources & the integration of new needs. The Bridge Model for Europe is,&will, be an effective,tested,practical methodology&attitude for VET trainers & learners.It is a means of job creation, employability training & of infusing an enterprising spirit into communities.
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