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Bridging the Gap
Start date: 12 Dec 2011,

Young people may be apathetic to politics, but they are certainly not apathetic to social issues. There are a lot of young people who commit most of their time to volunteering and community involvement. This is commendable, but without active political participation/cooperation, the effectiveness at bringing about positive social change is severely limited. The demand for recognition of the right of young people to be heard, to have their views given serious consideration, and to play an active role in promoting their own best interests is more than necessary. Young people should be protagonists in the exercise of rights, as active agents in their own lives, rather than mere recipients of adult protection. Youth and decision-makers should understand that youth participation leads to better decisions and outcomes; promotes the well-being and development of young people, and strengthens a commitment to and understanding of human rights and democracy and at the end it contributes to the well-being and development of society. Youth on this project will be able to understand that there are different forms of participation and that they can have a say in shaping the economic issues related to work and development, the deicison-making issues as in regard to involvement in the community and also cultural issues. Through this project participants will have the opportunity to review their work in relation to decision-makers, learn what's the current situation in the partner countries, identify the barriers for an effective communication and cooperation between youth and decision-makers and adequately identify creative and effective methods and activities to overcome them. The countries selected to take part in the project are carefully selected due to their similarities, but also diverse experiences in this topic. The participants will also be able to learn more about the values of representative democracy and the values of European Citizenship in this aspect.
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