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Bridging Insula Europae

Starting from the positive experience of the "Insula Europae" project (119117-CP-1-2004-1-IT-COMENIUS-C21), Bridging Insula Europae main objectives are:1. to encourage teachers throughout Europe to adopt a new didactical approachbased on Active Learning that improves their professional development and the qualityof teaching and learning in the classroom, in particular by introducing a wider Europeandimension2. to encourage pupils involvement in the education by the adoption of a trainingmethodology that increases the values of their efforts and award them the responsibilityon what and on how they learn3. to define a way to make an effective use of the new communicationtechnologies as teaching and learning tools, that could be economically, financially andtechnologically sustainable for the European Schools4. to develop teaching strategies into curricula in order to support Europeanculture of tolerance and to increase European civic conscienceThe project is split up into three main steps:First step: It focuses on the research of methodologies tied to Active Learning and inparticular Learning by Doing and Cooperative learning. The study activity will embracealso the topics related to the development of an ICT based Learning Environment for theOpen Distance Learning (ODL). The results of the research will be collected in a Reportthat will contain all the references to develop the training strategies and the ODLlearning environment.Second Step: It focuses on the teachers and in particular on the realization of the on-lineE-guide based on some key issues to:1. Update their skills on the new communication technologies, in order to give tothe teachers the competencies they need, not only to perform the experimentationphase of the project, but to be independent on the use ICT and not to be frightened bythe fast technological renewal of the sector2. access, explore from the inside student "world": to know and speak their"language" and so to understand better their adolescents' needs.Third Step: It focuses on the experimentation of the didactical model and of the trainingmethodology with the classes of the schools involved in the project. Pupil role inBridging Insula Europae is not the one of the experimenter, they are actively andpractically involved in "to built up" the curricula that the projects aims to realize:" Being Europeans remembers" (Experiences on European Integration History)" Being Europeans means" (Experiences on European Civic Education)" Being Europeans tells" (Experiences on European Literature and Culture)Starting from the curricula realized with Insula Europae, the students, divided in smallgroups, will have the task to realize their contribution to the curricula contents, todevelop and to describe their national identity. The activities will be on the Learningenvironment on-line and the students will be free to cooperate with Europeancolleagues and to choose the way and the "tool" they prefer to accomplish their task.A video dossier and a Virtual Photos Exhibition will be produced at the end of this stepand they will also contain some materials collected and realized by the students duringthe experimentation phase.

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