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Bridges on the Ipoly/Ipel

Usually micro-regions run such budgets that cannot afford long-term investmentswhere expenses take time to recover. Road and bridge renovations are suchinvestments, which are indispensable, but local governments have greatdifficulties securing the necessary financial resources. Thus the awarded funding meantsubstantial support for the Szob Micro-region Municipalities for Rural Development.The project was implemented through preparing the building permit designs andconstruction designs for the roads connecting Chlaba and Ipolydamásd; Pastovce andVámosmikola; Tés and Viskovce nad Iplom as well as for the bridges on the Ipel betweenChlaba and Ipolydamásd; Pastovce and Vámosmikola. Achievements: Please refer to the 'Description' field, which also includes the achievements of this project.
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