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Bretońskie "Specialite de la maison" - staż zawodowy we Francji.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Sixteen beneficiaries-the students of Technical School of Nutrition and Catering Services at Educational Complex of Vocational Schools in Lidzbark Warmiński will participate in the project. The students selected (under recruitment procedures) to do a professional training find on their professional way different kind of difficulties: geographical (the target group mostly consists pupils from rural areas), economical, social and educational. It rises the risk of early school leaving and in consequence jeopardise them to a long lasting social exclusion and unemployment. Participation in the project enables this group to gain free access to an attractive extracurricular and informal form of studying (including professional, linguistic, cultural and social education), what enriches their motivation for studying and increases their psychological self confidence (e.g. to overcome barriers of communication). In summary, the participation in the project may significantly influence students' professional and personal development. Thanks to participation in the practical training which is an essential part of the project the participants will increase professional competence in the field of catering (knowledge of technological processes and diets preferred in Brittany region, namely the culinary heritage of this region of France) and they learn culture and customs at aworkplace. During the preparatory training carried before the practical part of the project they will develop English (language of the project) and French language skills as well as social and psychological (interpersonal) skills. The skills gained during psychological workshops make students learn and practice interpersonal communication (interpersonal communication, ability of adapting to new circumstances, ability of overcoming barriers of communication, stress and effective ways of fighting stress, etc.). The learnt skills will be crucial during the realisation of vocational training in our partner's country. The practical training will be organised in the host organization – its professionally equipped workshop rooms (1st week of the training) and entrepreneurs catering companies (restaurants, bakeries, patisseries and other catering establishments (2nd -4th week of the training) located in Dinan – our partner's home town. The entrepreneurs who constantly cooperate with our partner's school (often work there as vocational training teachers) will be in charge of the participants’ practical training. This practical training enables students of Technical School of Nutrition and Catering Services to acquaint much more expanded knowledge than usual teaching and training material based on the core curriculum for the higher secondary education in the field of their profession, language, culture, social and interpersonal skills etc.( added value on the level of participants). On the practical training the participants will confront their professional competences with French vocational training teachers competences together with entrepreneurs what will be fruitful in exchanging experiences between environment of vocational education and work environment. Taking part in the project enables sending organisation ( because the teaching method used by the host organisation is different – module form) to introduce innovative educational solutions which make education more attractive and effective (added value on the level of sending organisation). The person in charge of this issue will be a vocational teacher accompanying the students who will give the headmaster, as well as the coordinator of the project, conclusions from his/her observations. The participation in the project makes it possible to lower the risk of early school leaving and what is more exclusion from educational path (added value on the level of Erasmus+ guidance) – the long term objective of the project. Other long term aims are: increasing attractiveness, quality and efficiency of vocational education system for students who are at the beginning (school) stage of vocational education; increasing European value of skills and vocational competences gained by the participants altogether with implementing rules dealing with transparency of documenting and certifying those skills; rising their chances for employment. The realisation of the project gives its beneficiary tools which will be used while promoting implementation of Erasmus+ objectives as well as effectiveness of the slogan: Lifelong Learning Programme, which activates local youth and adults to take part in extracurricular and informal forms of vocational development. The evaluation of the project will be done when the students come back from the training and the effects (based on surveys, reports and other tools) will be used to spread the results of the project as well as to plan beneficiaries' vocational carriers.

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