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Breaking The Code : a Pathway to Success
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context /Background All the partners of this project are school of the European mediterranean area which share a set of common problems in the everyday teaching activities: their students often fail to grasp the meaningful information for lack of interest and poor attention ( such as poor results in scientific subjects,inability to use maps or notes in a meaningful way.) The number of low achievers in scientific subjects should be not underestimated (especially girls) Objective As the mission of all the partners is to improve the quality of their teaching/learning activities, we all want to take advantage of this project to implement a sort of a bottom up approach to improve the quality of our teaching and learning offer . The general common approach will be holistic and mainly inspired to edutainment philosophy, discovery and experiential learning The main aim are: to improve the performances and the willingness to take risk of low achievers, lowering their resistance thanks to combination of enjoyable and engaging activities to implement activities which are based on critical thinking and creativity to raise the level of competence in English as ESL and hopefully in a third language to get the outmost of ICT blended resources to promote the added value of sport in education to boost active European citizenship , cultural tolerance and awareness 
 Number of participants The mobilities planned will involve a total of 225 people (students and teachers and principals) but the number of people involved in the project activities at schools level is much wider ( over 2500 people all together) If we consider the disseminating actions and cooperation with other agents we overcome 3000 people. Profile The students age range goes from 14 to 19. They all attend high schools and most of them are prospective university students. Some of the partner have previous experience in European projects some are new. But they all have as common denominator a high professional profile of the teachers involved . The subjects covered are : Maths , Physics, Chemistry , ICT, Physical Education, Geography, History , Arts, English , Spanish and French.There will be a number of collaborations with University departments in Turin , Chania and Izmir, teachers trainers associations ( lend, British Council, AIIG (association of geography teachers,) Maths associations in Italy, Greece, Turkey and Spain, the Cern In Geneve, Europe Direct Agency in Turin, publishing companies in the field of education, Sports and Coffee brands companies. Description of activities The range and the number of the activities planned is very high. Some partners have opted for a thematic cluster of activities such the Spanish partner with ‘the Reales Alcazares’ or the Turkish one which have focused the actives on Maths integrated with ICT and creative thinking practice
Other partners have focused more on the methodologies and approaches (such as the Scratch and Robotics activities in Greece, The Marathon game inspired to Alan Turing , The compass activity about Quark, the pun word games in Italian and English of do yo tube in Turin Tube? proposed by the Italian school , the cryptography activity with credit cards Maths and the paperless classroom proposed by the school in Cyprus . The list and the variety is really very rich and worth to be experimented. Description of expected results One of the project aim is to share the ‘good practices’ among teachers, that’s why we will make our best to share ore ‘good ones’ The activities planned will be implemented in the curricular activities of the schools.All of them will be free available on the website of the projects and other educational platforms. The most valuable will be grouped together and published on paper brochure and if possible in a sort of ebook format. They will be the outcome of joint activities among teachers of the same subjects. Some activities will be available on dedicated websites (like the MIT one) on FB professional groups and other social networks .There will be also a photographic exhibition which we hope could stem in a series of follow ups and a visit to CERN in Geneve to present the outcome of a workshop Potential long term benefits We believe that spreading the words about the all the philosophy of the project , its outcomes, its success, strength and also the analysis of critical points and stages , the assessment results and teaching, will raise the quality profile of the schools and will create opportunities to extend the project and develop new partnerships. Maybe with a wider range of partners . This will provide a good reason for all the partners involved to invest time and effort in dissemination and follow up.
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