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Break the habit and get in on the act!
Start date: Nov 1, 2012,

The project "Break the habit and get in on the act!" will bring together young people & youth workers to reflect & find comprehensive & efficient solutions to the youth unemployment, enhance their spirit of initiative, creativity and flexibility on the job market, reveal their sense of entrepreneurship & improve intercultural dialogue.The main objectives:» To reflect about youth unemployment & find new approaches to this concern;β To empower youth workers and young people, particularly those with fewer opportunities, promote entrepreneurship & active participation in their local communities;• To improve capacity-building for youth organisations to contribute to a civil society development of local communities & the improvement of youth policies;« To create a network of organisations with common aims & a sustainable partnership leading to future follow-up projects.Activities and venues:« Kick-off seminar, Bystrzyca Ktodzka/Poland (19- 25/11/2012);β Job-shadowing and video conferences, involving 16 countries: Bulgaria, Columbia, Greece, Hungary, IñdíaTIñdonesia, ItllyTKenya, ratviarMexicürN^MlrNig"eTia7PërorPöla^d7Romama^ Turkey (01/12/2012-31/08/2013);β Activities on local level: active promotion, conference, workshops (01/02/2013-31/08/2013);» International final seminar, Bystrzyca Klodzka/Poland (16-22/09/2013); • Activities that show & disseminate the results (01/09/2013-31/10/2013). Participants:» 1600 young people and youth workers, including 1400 youngsters with fewer opportunities, from 16 Partner organisations.Tangible results and envisaged impact:• Finding new approaches to youth unemployment & means for youth to enhance theirskills & be at ease on the job market;» Young people with fewer opportunities provided with new competencies & motivated to be more enterprising and active at global and local level;• Spreading awareness of youth unemployment, poverty & marginalization issues as well as of cultural diversity;• Trained youth workers inspiring youngsters and creating youth policy in their countries;» International interactive exhibition & local media publication that show results of the project.The results will be disseminated through public publications, local media, promotion activities, international interactive exhibition & online.
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  •   100 000,00
  • Youth\Youth in action (2007-2013)\Youth in the World\Coooperation with countries other than the neighbouring countries
  • Project on ERASMUS Platform

15 Partners Participants